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  1. My name is Christian
    I'm 28
    My Favorite Superstar at the moment is Bray Wyatt. I think between his Promos and stage presence, he's a step ahead of a lot of other wrestlers in the business right now.
    I've always been a fan of the WWF/WWE as long as i can remember. Grew up rooting for Shawn Michaels, whether he was the Tag Team partner of Marty Jannetty on The Rockers or the lead man in DX.
    I was also a huge fan of WCW and ECW.
    Found this site by doing a google search for "wwe Forums"
    and i plan on being a regular face in many of the forums here
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  2. Hey man! Huge fan of your irl name. :smug:
  3. Welcome to the forum bro, hope you enjoy your stay here!
  4. Welcome to the site!

    I was never a fan of WCW, but i've always wanted to be. Hopefully WWE network allows me to watch it.
  5. Welcome to the forums :obama: Liked ECW myself. Hope you have a great time.
  6. Welcome to the site.
  7. Hi Christian, welcome to WWEF! We have a nice community around here so I hope you'll enjoy it and stay active :)
  8. Welcome dude! :woo1:
  9. Welcome, from a fellow newbie :jbl:
  10. Welcome buddy hope to see you around the site!
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