WWE 13 (PS3) (XBox 360 users welcome :P)

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  1. WWE 13 is set to release in the U.S. on October 30, which is a little over a month from now. The theme of the game being Attitude Era, the greatest era, in my personal experience, though due to the PG limitations it won't be as good as actually reliving the attitude era itself, I am still looking foward to it's release. I love the roster though I am not thrilled about some people that would have been great to play as are not in the roster (i.e.; Michael McGillicutty, Tyson Kidd, Johnny Curtis etc.) Still I can not wait for this game. I would like to know if you guys are satisfied with the roster, who would you like to have been in the game?, & a wishlist on things that have not been mentioned yet, but still have a possibility of being in the game. So yea feel free to post any ideas/ feelings towards the game. Let me know!
  2. Not a big fan of the roster and double characters, but I don't really care about it that much, I'm more interested in the moves and the gameplay.
  3. Create a Title, GM Mode
  4. Yes I agree, well according to Cory Ledesma, the attitude era mode, is longer than last years, so if they played their cards right, & didn't fuck up the attitude era, that mode should be interesting to play. As for the moves, it was reported that the moves from last year was kept, & more were added, which is ultimately a very good thing, especially. Since I'm a huge fan of creation mode, so I'm deff. Looking foward to them announcing new things, (hopefully they added a lot in CAW mode). They need better hair, more facial hairs, & a lot more accessories, & attires.
  5. That's true, CAW needs some upgrading.
  6. Create A Title! lol i swear if that's in (it was rumored), & they acually did a good job with it (no half-assed jobs) I would love that, I would seriously change the WWE title & Tag titles, lol I don't like either, as for GM mode, I wouldn't mind seeing that being brought in, though I was never a huge fan. Great mode, just never took too much time with it.


    It seriously does, i love making my CAW, but im honestly never fully satisfied, especially after they "fixed" the crotch blur glitch -_-.& honestly I'm sick of the hairs they have, nothing fits w/ my caw -_-
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  7. I wont be playing the game but ill probably check some videos of it on youtube to see what it's like.

    I wonder if punk turning heel will effect the sales of it seeing as he's on the cover :hmm:
  8. good point but sales have increased from last year, and those who have not pre-ordered it, will probably still get it for Punk is such a great Heel, & people still cheer him, so it shouldn't effect the games sales
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  9. Game atm looks better than wwe 12.Which is good
  10. Personally, I'm looking forward to it, but I can't say much about features I wish they'd include as I didn't play WWE 12 or others. I don't like the idea of some of them being double characters, because to me that takes away a slot on the roster that could have been filled by someone else. As for double characters, why couldn't they just offer alternate attires for that person? I thought that would be a better option than having two completely different characters for the same wrestler.

    Anyway, all in all I'm looking forward to it. Roster seems decent enough, features sound pretty nice, etc. As far as sales being effected by Punk turning heel, I don't think that'll impact it much. People who are fans of Punk regardless will still buy it, and diehard WWE gamers would still buy it for the game, not the cover. So I figure the sales won't be impacted much, if any, by his heel turn so close to the game being released.
  11. Agreed, I was slighlty upset with the double character slots, but THQ did say that after DLC, there would be over 100 wrestlers, which I'm looking foward to this, since that's more than just a decent amount, & yes very true, the game cover doesn't really have an effect on the sales, i.e.; I bought MLB 12 the show, for I'm a huge The Show game fan, & though it had a (at the time) Red Sox member, being a Yankee fan, i just cared for the game, so the Heel change should ultimately play little to no role in sales.
    So yea, I'm looking foward to the game.


    Yes it really does, theme is better, & i.e.; The Rocks (current) model looks wayy better this year, & I love how they incorporated the tops (jackets) of some superstars, such as The Miz, Cody Rhodes, etc.
  12. #NoRegalNoBuy
  13. this game will be awesome
  14. He could still be in, there's still DLC, & though he was a great wrestler, i don't think that should be a reason not to get the game, yu know?


    I hope so, im really hype for it! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  15. Only kidding. Still abit pissed at it though. Although, if any of the attitude wrestlers weren't in and special guest referee wasn't in, i'd probably wouldn't get it. :pity:
  16. Lmao oh okay, why are you pissed at it though? & i feel you though, i like the roster they have, though it's missing a good number of them