WWE '13 Universe matchups

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  1. If you have WWE '13, then you know that universe mode it randomizes some awesome matches. What matches are their in your universe?
    John Cena vs Ryback vs Brock Lesnar
  2. i had yesterday ~ Wrestlemania 29 (cust. arena) Undertaker vs CM Punk vs John Cena vs Daniel Bryan
  3. One I had the other week was Zack Ryder vs Sin Cara vs The Undertaker
  4. Rhyno vs Colt Cabana lolol
  5. Roman reigns vs Cody rhodes
  6. just had rollins vs daniel bryan ER for the World heavyweight championship
  7. Sin cara vs Brock Lesnar
  8. let me guess did botch cara get destroyed
  9. Hell yeah he did.

    Edge vs RVD vs big show

  10. Edge all the way
  11. Yup it was for the WHC as well

  12. How did the match end? did the ultimate opportunist, took advantage of an opportunity?
  13. No RVD and Edge were working together to fight off big show and later on Big Show got upper hand and gave Edge a WMD. Then later RVD put Big Show on announcer Table and went for frog splash and connected. Then inside Edge speared RVD and pinned him and won
  14. I have a retarded CAW and he won the rumble and beat D-Bry for the title at mania.
  15. i just had John cena vs Ryback wwe championship @ Payback #Conspiracy
  16. The Brood vs Nation of Domination
    No DQ
    Falls Count Anywhere