WWE 2K14 DLC Trailer!

Discussion in 'WWE 2K17' started by Star Lord, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Senhor! Mr Perfect is in! :yay:
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  2. Screw Perfect. Jake the Snake, Rick Rude, Dusty Rhodes and Scott Fucking Steiner are in this.
  3. The nWo pack is the day one DLC and includes The Giant Free Of Charge, X Pac, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Mr Perfect, Macho Man and Scott Steiner. If you purchase the Season Pass you will receive The Outsider's Attire for Hall and Nash.
  4. That game looks absolutely awful. It looks so old.
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  5. Rick fucking Rude:yes:

  6. WWE games generally do look like shit sadly. They play like it to so at least the appearance isn't deceptive.
  7. No one mentions Virgil?!?!? :jeritroll:

    Hate spending money on a game I already spent money on. So if I get this game, I won't be getting these addons.
  8. Not even Perfect? :why:
  9. I'm sure there are ways to create him if necessary. Btw, the only way I'm getting this is if I win Jono's giveaway :happy:
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  10. I like some of the DLC. Really surprised by Steiner. Some of the moves in the Moves pack sound insane.
  11. Kinda sad that Axel didn't make it but the people on ze Community Creations will make him well at least. Really looking forward to the DLC, I hope they throw in the Usos like they did with AE Kane on WWE '12. Kinda weird that Zack Ryder gets a comeback now....but it's ok. Also glad that Package Piledriver is an actual move this time.
    Really looking forward to the DLC but I wish Maddox & Usos made it :emoji_cry: or Bo Dallas of course. HE WAS IN THE ROYAL RUMBLE!
  12. +1000
  13. Big Poppa Pump :awyeah: