WWE 2K14 for Wii U

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  1. Brothers and sisters, we must rally in the name of change. We must get 2K Games to reconsider their decision not to bring the latest WWE game to the next-gen console by Nintendo, the Wii U. I found a nice petition which explains how WWE games sell on Nintendo consoles and generally are quite good but I need your help to sign the petition in order to open their eyes. :challengeaccepted:

  2. Why though?

    I mean there's no reason,it won't sell much since nothing on the Wii U does considering people barely use the thing since fuck all came out on it and what could they even use the pad for?

    Also it'd be a shit port,they either will just re-scale it to 1080p and it'll still probaly run at 30 fps instead of 60 so it won't be great or they won't change it's res or FPS and it'll be a lackluster port.
  3. I'm sure it would, I know a lot of people who want it and why not try? WWE games sell well on ninty consoles.
  4. Yes but sales for the Wii U have been abismal for every game outside of Nintendo first party stuff and casual party games.

    Also just because WWE games sold well on the Wii,DS etc etc doesn't mean they'll sell well on the Wii U.

    Also how many people do you know that want it?10?20? that's nothing in the gaming bussniess world,they won't put it on Wii U unless they know they'll make ALOT of money.

    It's not about what you want,it's about what brings in money,that's the world of bussiness.
  5. Too bad all of the third party games have been crap and shitty ports. Watch Sonic Lost World, it's a third party exclusive and WILL sell well. If it's good enough, it'll sell.

    I also know around 100 people from around the internet at least.
  6. 1.No,many where find.

    2.100 people ain't jack shit if you think about it in games bussiness wise.
  7. No, a lot of the third party games were dumbed down ports. FIFA 13 Wii U for example, TERRIBLE!

    I know that, but I've hardly even looked and I know 100 people. I know there are more people around the world who want this. Expect me to look for them all? That's what the petition is for, spread the word.
  8. But why,there's still that question.Why should it be on Wii U?Can they utilise the pad?Will it sale to a new audience?

    Also what will make WWE2K14's port any diffrent to the other bad ports?

    How do you know it won't be as bad as Fifa?
  9. I'm sure they can, the very least they can do is just get the same version of the game from the other two and then give it a WWE logo on the gamepad.

    Because it's not made by EA. Oh and wasn't that basketball game by 2K for the Wii U the one which got good reviews?
  10. Not really a fan of WiiU, it's just a Wii you can use everywhere near the console...
  11. If they wanted to sell more copies of their game they would make a PC version considering how huge of a market it is and i believe WWE2K15 will be on PC, that said i'm not really sure about Wii U.
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  12. It's not just a Wii, it's a NEW Console with HD, more power, new controller ect.

    But fair enough guys, I'd be in favour of a PC version too.
  13. bringing it out for the Wii U is a waste of time and money as the Wii U doesn't have much 3rd Party support and they could be adding things to the game in the time they are wasting
  14. Doesn't have much third party support... because they won't bring games to the console. Bring this game to the console, and there you go. Third party support. One game at a time.
  15. A PC version would sell alot and if they were smart enough to incorparate a moddding tool,that'd increase the long jevitity(sp?) of the product and like games like Skyrim and Amnesia mods would help sell more copies.
  16. i'd prefer a PC version than a shitty version for a console just so similar to Wii. It's kinda "I'm going to release the game in WiiU because it's the new Wii Generation. I didn't have features in Wii games, but I'll include an online feature for WiiU." (don't know if they have an online feature, but it's so stupid. I don't care about Wii if I'm honest and I don't care about WiiU)
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. You're obviously denying the facts. Do some research bro.
  19. It's not impressive at all,it averages at 40fps.
  20. Who the fuck would buy a Wii U?