WWE 2K14 Roster Revealed

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  2. Looking forward to playing Razor vs Shawn and anything involving Macho Man. OOHH YEAHH
  3. Found this pic of The Shield:
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  4. Also, where the fuck is Kurt Angle? Angle vs bork, Angle vs HBK? :dafuq:
  5. TNA
  6. I could give two fucks about TNA. Angle vs HBK is one of my favorite matches :cry:

    Besides, the Hulksters in this game, and he's in TNA brother :hogan:
  7. That's why he's not in the game though. Hulk got his own special deal where he has control over his own marketing, brother.

    Seeing conflicting reports about whether or not Cesaro's in the game.
  8. Thought they were planning on putting Bruno Sammartino in this game? Not that 99.9% of the people playing it would know who he was anyway...
  9. No fandango?
  10. This vid shows Goldberg coming from his locker room and Shield's entrance,it's very LQ though:

  11. Cesaro is pictured on the WWE site as part of the roster reveal, but his name isn't included in their listed roster on the site, so it does seem confusing.

  12. Know a few younger fans who know of him just from dicking around on Wikipedia and finding the "Longest-reigning WWE Champions" page.
    If you're a kayfab believer seeing his accomplishments is truly mindblowing in this era of non-stop title changes.
  13. Cesaro personally announced his inclusion in 2K14 at Germany's GamesCon over a month ago. He even showed a gameplay video of his in game character and it looked great. I doubt they removed him from the game since then.
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  14. Ashley,here's a vid of it. Don't mind the dude talking over the footage:
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  15. Good deal. Hopefully just an oversight on their roster list then. Like Rain said, knew there were conflicting reports of him being in it or not. Hope they realize it and list him on the roster.
  16. It's an ok roster. A bit surprised about Aksana being in the game. but yeah...
  17. I hope Fandango will be in DLC.
  18. Aksana but no Fandango? Da fuq.

    I hope to god Heyman and Colter are managers
  19. I don't care much who is on the roster, I just enjoy making wrestlers & random people... Like Batman. :boss1:
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  20. I wanna' play as Batman.
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