WWE 2K15 (New Gen) Limited

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  1. WWE 2K15 is limited compared to the last gen versions, to name a few:

    > No Create an Arena
    > No Option to create a Diva
    > No Special Guest Referee
    > Triple Threat and Fatal-Four-Way are limited to normal, Extreme Rules and Hell in a Cell Match Types
    > No Match Creator Option
    > No Create a Championship Option
    > No Iron Man Match

    Some of this can be excused because 2K have had to build everything from the ground up with the New Engine for the new gen consoles, but some of this is can't be excused for instance the be the ref. is pretty simple as let P1 control ref, because all the animations are there. And the match creator option is gone so there is no way to set First blood matches and no way to set elimination style.

    First glance this may seem too much has been dropped but I'm getting the game non the less as it does look awesome and can't wait for that MyCareer mode.

    What do you think about all the missing features?
    (If I have missed some that you know about let me know and I will put them in the list)

    Sources - Can't add as I found them out through a lot of YouTube videos.
  2. With NBA 2K15 having almost identical missing features compared to it's last generation version for the 360 and PS3 I kind of saw this coming.. EA Sports had the same problem.
  3. No "Create an Arena", "Create a Diva" and stuff like that is pretty weird, but I assume that will be added for next year's which should be full current-gen.

    No Steel Cage Triple Threat kinda sucks, now I can't pretend to be D-Bry fighting off Henry and Show in a bigass steel cage (and Hell in a Cell is a different cage, I believe).
  4. What a stupid game. If you don't even have the oldest match in the fucking world in there.
  5. Thankfully my friend bought it and had to work this week so he let me borrow it.. such a shitty game, definitely not investing in a copy for myself! Hopefully they learn from this and make next year's version that much better.
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