Xbox WWE 2K17 (XBOX) Logo Thread

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  1. This is a thread I see on IGN, Thesmackdownhotel etc.

    This thread is for logo requests to put on WWE 2K17.

    It's not a case of you suggest a logo and I'll put it on the game but it's just a place where you can request for logos to be made if you can't make them and is for just putting logos for already existing superstars on the game. Even put your custom CAW logos on if you want!
  2. If you're still taking requests, I need something small made up. It's for custom championships. I need a header plate and possibly side plates made up. The header plate is to cover the WWE or whatever existing logo is on the title to make it for my little federation. The plates should just read "JGW". That's all I need.

    Cheers in advance.
  3. For one I don't/ can't make logos, I don't have photoshop and I am crap at it, and I have mock test to concentrate on and I need to revise so I wouldn't even if I could sorry dude!
  4. No worries, mate. No harm in asking.

    Thanks anyways. Havagoodone™.
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  5. This thread tbh is dead by now, it was made ages ago, I my close it
  6. If u r still making logos i need a world championship logo for a company I call BEW if u want to know what it means it's bloody extreme wrestling
  7. I don't make logos (Can't) and even if I could I have mock exams soon so sorry.
  8. @Solidus Close this thread, it's dead and I hate having to deny people