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  1. hey there,

    back in the 90s there were matches, where stars fought against unknown challengers. what was the show called?
    i know royal rumble, wrestlemania and so on, but there only known characters fought against each other (like undertaker vs hulk hogan).
    i hope you know what i mean. and i hope i remember it right. i was a litle kid back there and i know there were fights,
    where the melody of just one wrestler was played. the other one was already waiting in the ring.

    greetings from germany
  2. You're probably talking about Superstars where there were a lot of "squash" matches; wherein an established talent beat the hell out of an unknown opponent.
  3. Jobber matches were the norm back then, going all the way back into the 80's. Superstars and Wrestling Challenge were the main two shows and jobber matches were a large part of both.
  4. thanks a lot, that's just what i was looking for! :-)
  5. Most of those matches were actually live tryouts
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