News WWE Beginning Big Storyline On The First RAW Of 2015?, Batista On How WWE Is Using Titus O'Neil

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    So, I guess the 'big' storyline is gonna include Titus and the new man in a bunny suit, Darren Young.
  2. He's kinda right. Titus could be bigger than he is right now. He's pretty entertaining on the mic, and he has a strong look. Granted his moveset could be better, but he can work it as a powerhouse.
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  3. WWE doesn't like black people.
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    WWE just doesn't like people.
  5. But they dislike black people worse.

    As far as Titus, hm. Wasn't he going to spend some time in NXT? That can do only good for him. I do think he's charismatic enough/good enough on the mic to be more than a comedy geek (plus he's not really that funny for that too), so I guess it wouldn't hurt to try. But I don't see it happening.
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  6. Yeah.

    I guess after he's done with the 'big' storyline involving him and DY, he'll just continue being irrelevant like he's been thus far. Fine by me, though.
  7. So far I haven't seen anything from Titus to really be excited about anything involving him. His has a good look, but he just comes off as boring IMO. I generally change the channel during his matches.
  8. Titus is fucking awesome. The guy has the looks, the charisma, and he has that Triple H acid comedy aspect to his speaking. People talk about how they botched Ryback, but fucking christ at least ryback was relevant for some time.

    I would kill to see the guy getting a push
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  9. His promos are generally pretty good. Here's one bit from back in February that was really well done by Titus
  10. This. He has so much energy during his promos, and he could work well on at least the midcard or above midcard. Sure he isn't some top indy name in the past, but the dude has talent, and it's a shame it's wasted while everyone is meh about it.
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  11. Prime Time Players should have been pushed harder, now we never see SlaterGator on TV at all.

    As for the big angle for RAW in 2015, have Cena call out Rollins, Heyman and Lesnar, but only Rollins and Heyman come out. Orton attacks Rollins with an RKO and cuts a passionate promo about how he is sick and tired of him, but Heyman starts to laugh. Orton threatens him, but Heyman tells Orton "20-10-14", the date that Randy RKO'd Heyman. Randy is confused, RKO's Cena and leaves, but Lesnar shows up and F5's Orton, so the Royal Rumble match becomes Lesnar vs Orton vs Cena. Meanwhile, Bryan comes out and hypes up his eventual wrestling return at Summerslam, and we're all heartbroken. Lesnar reks everyone, and Bryan shows up at Royal Rumble out of nowhere and we can all mark out in perfect harmony.
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  12. Why did they break up the PTP? I mean, that was a pretty bad idea. It does feel like it was a decision influenced by Batista, but it was not the time. I get that Titus is already kinda old and IF they wanted to push him big they don't have much time to waste, but he just became a jobber afterwards. Why?
  13. I liked PTP, but it's too bad they had pretty much the same fate as Cryme Tyme.

    Good idea, man. But I wouldn't be surprised if all of that happened next week on RAW, knowing Lesnar is scheduled to appear on the final RAW of 2K14. And I'm all up for DBry coming back and winning the Rumble! We'll see, though.
  14. Because the WWE's goal is to ruin talent, obviously.
  15. Honestly, sometimes it does feel like they are booking to see how deep beneath the earth they can bury someone.
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  16. According to Vince, those who end up getting buried haven't made the connection with the fans, apparently.
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  17. Mmm, true. Heck, I even believe WWE dropped the ball on Los Matadores.

    If WWE was really feeling gutsy, they could have Cesaro attack Lesnar at the end and swing him - setting up either Cesaro-Lesnar at 'Mania if D-Bry is not coming back or his involvement in the Fast Lane match (assuming it's still in the Elimination Chamber?)
  18. The words 'gutsy' and 'logic' don't always go in the same sentence, when it comes to WWE.

    Cesaro's been buried, sadly. I don't see him being in the ME scene any time soon.
    If Lesnar was working all of the PPVs from SummerSlam till Mania, then Cesaro getting a shot at Lesnar would've been plausible. But this way, nah-ah. There's also the Roman Reigns factor, as well as that factor of D-Bry being out indefinitely.
    Honestly, I'd love it if either D-Bry or Ambrose won the Rumble. But, I'm afraid I've got some bad news...

    The word is EC (the PPV) is getting dropped, as far as the actual Elimination Chamber match, I don't know... It probably is getting dropped, as well... Which is a shame.
  19. Kinda sucks, at WM30, they should've let Lesnar be a badass face, retaining a good theme and the Cesaro Swing. A big feud with Swagger, which he wins, then he goes on to take out pretty much every other midcard heel except for Rusev... Heck, strong booking until now would be good so we can build up more challengers to Lesnar, even if they lose.

    Yep, I think Fast Lane is pretty much confirmed as a PPV but it will suck if we don't get the EC match.
  20. They should have, but they haven't. They dropped the ball with Cesaro.

    I seriously doubt we'll get the EC match, although I'd love to see it. I also don't see Lesnar working Fast Lane at all. After the Rumble, I see him doing what he does best.