WWE Biggest disappointment of 2013

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  1. With only December left, It is safe to ask the question...
    What were you most disappointed with this year that the wwe did/didn't do?
  2. Gave Bryan the belt, only to take it off him minutes later, and then throw him into midcard hell
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  3. So many things....

    I suppose the way they handled the SD MITB with Sandow is up there, though it didn't surprise me, still saddening nevertheless.
  4. Let Bo Dallas get the NXT title.
  5. ziggler
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  6. Cesaro dropping the US Title to Kofi, the way they dealt with Sandow, same with Ziggler.....many more.
  7. Giving the title for Daniel Bryan for a short period of time like one day. I wouldn't mind a couple of weeks, but a day kinda pissed me off.
  8. Didn't read what I posted did ya bro? Posted the same exact thing basically :jericho:
  9. Taker and Punk at Wrestlemania. I've seen the Dead Man verse better.
  10. Wha? Insult Punk..? But he's the best in the world broette
  11. Sooooo many things... But just to list one superstar, it would be Ziggler. Always amazes me the way they have so much trouble making stars but are so good at making you not give a fuck about people. For Dolph Ziggler to be where he is now not only for me, but in the IWC as a whole... it's really sad, man. Lately I see more people feeling bad for them wasting Sandow in this pointless feud than Ziggler.

    Honorable mention: They bring back Tyson Kidd, figure they'll use him on Raw to shill Total Divas. Apparently he's not even good for that.
  12. It's sad when Eva's getting more TV time than Kidd. If it weren't for Nattie, I have a feeling he woulda been future endeavored.
  13. Never mind, that's the biggest disappointment of 2013. Eva Fucking Marie. Amazing how she gets such atomic heat on Raw and on PPV, yet they still push her as a face and let her be a soul survivor on Raw. At that moment, after Survivor Series, after the Daniel Bryan chants and the mini-Miz face turn, that was just the icing on the cake. Made me wonder what we did as fans to make Vince mad.... you have all this okay female talent and... EVA MARIE?

    Okay, I'm kidding, but it's part of a larger problem for me. The wrestling quality on Raw has been phenomenal this year! Us wrestling purists should be in seventh heaven with that show right now, but we aren't. My biggest disappointment has to be the continuing disappointments throughout the year, when we look back and say "Why did I ever believe this would go well?". Like I was geniuinely excited for the Divas' during the AJ/Kaitlyn feud and the start of Total Divas/AJ's Pipebombshell, then it fell apart quickly, and it wondered why I was optimistic about that to begin with. There's been a lot of moments like that this year. :sad: <--- none involving this guy, just a nice smiley.

    But hey, it's the hope of better days that keeps us watching through these days. Don't lose it, Hoff/anyone else reading this. :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. Ziggler was the first thing that came to mind. Rhodes vs Sandow should have been a main even rivalry.
  15. Uh...everything. I am usually one to defend them, but this year has been pretty shite. From Royal Rumble all the way to Survivor Series. I would have to say....Dolph Ziggler. Now, I am the biggest Ziggler fan out there, I'm not really a fan at all. But he can be main event materiel if he can get over. I think if it wasn't for his concussion, that he would of held the title longer and maybe get the higher ups behind him even more. He still has time, for all we know he can win the Royal Rumble! If ADR can do it, he can do it.
  16. I don't know about biggest disappointment, but when The Shield surrounded Triple H on the first Smackdown after Wrestlemania (or Extreme Rules, whichever), I was expecting to see HHH actually feud with them and put them over (:haha:), but it didn't happen.

    I guess the way they handled Ziggler was pretty disappointing. The double turn at Payback seemed like a fresh start for Ziggler. He was receiving positive reactions from the crowd as well as getting time to actually speak on the mic. But instead of riding that wave of momentum for longer (which could have easily catapulted Ziggler into being one of the top babyfaces on the show, right behind Cena/Bryan/Punk in that order), they squander it away by turning him back into a jobber and refusing to book him in anything relevant. I know one defense of not putting the WHC back on Ziggler in the summer was that they needed a heel to transition the belt onto Cena but it's not like they knew months ahead of time that Cena would be returning early and winning the WHC, so I refuse to accept that as a defense. Ziggler could have still played a bigger part in the feud against the Authority.

    WWE sure does know how to fuck up someone's momentum at times. Zack Ryder, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, even Daniel Bryan to an extent.
  17. Since Summerslam, WWE has been a constant disappointment. Thought the RTWM was solid enough, and then between Payback and SS, RAW was gold every week.

    The biggest disappointment for me has been how the mid-card titles have been used. Neither the US or the IC title appeared on the Wrestlemania's main card and then we had the two disastrous Ambrose and Axel reigns. WWE couldn't be bothered to create any feuds for them and each week before a PPV, a title match was announced in the same lacklustre pattern. However, Langston could have a decent run now.
  18. Sandow failing to cash in succesfully. Without a doubt
  19. The way they wasted the hot debut of the Wyatt's.
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  20. Heel bad guy ziggler cashing in on good guy rio to get the biggest pop in wwe this year (outside of bryan)

    RIo sucks, is boring, and gets more love than Ziggler.