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  1. Since we were having fun with this the other night, I figured this would be something fun to do.

    Would you like to be a belt holder? Which belt would you like to battle for? If you would like to be a belt holder, simply pick which belt and post it below. If only one person picks one belt, they will be named that champion by default. The tag team titles must be done in pairs. So if you would like a tag title, have a partner and yourself ask for the titles. Once we see who wants which title, we will have battles for the belts. I am not sure how we will go about doing this, but I think it will be fun.

    Here are the belts:

    [​IMG] The WWE Champion
    [​IMG] World Heavyweight Champion
    [​IMG] Intercontinental Champion
    [​IMG] United States Champion
    [​IMG] Divas Champion
    [​IMG] Tag Team Champions

    Sex is not an issue, if a chick would like to be the WWE Champion,
    she can enter for it. Same goes for the Divas Champion, if a guy would like it, No problem!

    If you have any ideas of how we can go about battling for the belts post below.

    Once you win it, you can put it in your signature and if someone challenges you for it, well, you can accept or deny.
    I figured this would be a fun thing to do, like a game to play to keep things fun and what not.

    This can be monitored by the staff if it is a good enough idea.
    Just bump it to the suggestions place. :otunga:
  2. WWE Champion belt please. :otunga:
  3. Challenge
  4. Damnit. I didn't think anyone else would be up at this hour, lmao.

    Umm... let's see.. what kind of challenge... :Hmm:
  5. IC championship please
  6. Well the rules seem pretty cut & dry

    Let's get to it.
  7. Can the ECW and WCW championships be included? :sad:
  8. The Big Gold Belt was the WCW Championship
  9. Give me the World Heavyweight Championship. Best looking world title ever.
  10. I need to go to bed!

    I am glad you guys like this idea. We have to see if anyone else would like the WWE Champion title as well. Might be a few more people who may want it. Same with the other belts. We will see when more people get on. For now, I am going to bed. Any ideas on how we can institute battles are welcome!
  11. I want to be the tag team champions. P.S. Britta i'm just getting up lol. You're going to bed? Craaaaaazayy
  12. Diva's Champ please! :**
  13. Tried this months ago...got fucked up very quickly... U.S Champ please :smug:
  14. WWE Champ. We all know it's mine.
  15. WH Championship please :smug:
  18. I want the WWE Champion from 1998-2002 PLEASE!?
  19. I'll battle for the IC strap! :accept:
  20. i'll battle you for it. :tough: