WWE Championship - Dat Kid vs Victoria Parker vs Rodrigo

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Who is your winner?

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  1. Dat Kid

  2. CrayJ Lee

  3. Rodrigo

  1. Victoria Parker has been the source of controversy over the past month, by betraying her former tag team partners. She was called out by Dat Kid who challenged her to a match, so that he could get revenge for backstabbing him at their wedding. Dat Kid drew up a contract that involved putting his WWE Championship on the line, but before she could sign it Rodrigo made his return and knocked both wrestlers out, then signed his name on the contract. Now this match is a triple threat and only one competitor will walk out the WWE Champion.

    WWE Championship

    Dat Kid vs Victoria Parker (@CrayJ Lee) vs Rodrigo (@Rhodes)​

    The following contest is a 3 promo battle match and is for the WWE Championship!
    -Both competitors will have 3 promos each and 24 hours to submit them both
    -No pictures, videos, or live stream is allowed in the contest
    -At the end of the promo period an additional 24 hour will be used for voting polls.
    -The person with the most votes will be the winner.

    The match begins now! If you're ready to vote before the 24 hours is up for promoing, let me know.
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  2. Ah shit this will be epic!
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  3. If it's a three way match... Shouldn't pics, videos, and all that things allowed?

  4. *Rodrigo comes out for a mixed reaction*

    Waiting for me? It's a well know fact that is better to cut your promos as late as you can, so you have something to work in. But my shit is that fresh that only need a mic. A mic, a ring and a championship.
    It's funny, since I got this title shot, everyone has blame me. Our ¨GM¨ Brit, has tried to bring me down. And yeah, every single poster, every single mention, every single tag. I'm the third one.
    Looks like if is Dat Kid vs Victoria. And Rodrigo. But not. Not this time, I'm not gonna let anyone to overshadow me. This is my first shot as the WWE title and my first main event. And I'm here to bring the gold home.

    But that's probably the less important thing tonight. Apart from you people.

    *Crowd boos*

    Oh dont boo me. I'm here to tell you the truth, to open your eyes. But not only your eyes. Their eyes.

    *Points at the basckstage*

    Most of you claim I dont deserve this because I left. That's true, I left. I didnt have a reason to put myself in danger, when single effort I put in this bussines would be fucked up by either Jonathan or Britanica.

    But then I found a reason. A single reason. Wanna ask you as question.

    Do you actually like product? Tell me the truth. Do you really like the direction of the company?

    Well, blame Britanica. Well, you wouldnt find her. Because she's gone. She's not in the building tonight. She wasn't at ER and she wasnt at WM. The GM dont give a damn fuck about this compnay. She believes that some stupid asshole like Jonathan will be able to run this shit, while she can have private ¨apointments¨ with a guy who was caught with drugs and should be now fired. Yeah that Gohan, he only had a 2 weeks suspension or something like that. But the big issue is how this shit is currently running. We have no GM, we have an asshole booking matches. Wich leads me to my next point.

    Dat Kid, who in the blue hell can you become champ after losing the US championship? Does it makes any sense? There are plenty of guys back there that deserves the title rather than you. I beat you, and about a week later you get a shot and become the championship defeating the IC champ? Wow, means that anyone who loses against me, will be pushed.

    And that's not the end of the story. Then you decided, because you were bored, that you wanna change the belt. Like hey Ive been the champ for 3 days. Lets change the belt so everyone will remember me. Well, everyone will remember how are you gonna this match. Every single muscle and bone is going to be in a different way. You cant beat me ? That doesnt make you special. Go talk to the large amount of wrestlers back there that havent beat me yet.

    Oh and breaking news, it has been rumoured that whenever you drop the title, you will become GM. How does this work? You have an interview, Brit asks you to give her some love and yeah you're hired. Well, I guess thats how Gohan gets all those shots.
    I really dont know if I should beat you or not. Or just destroy you and then let you retain. Because I would make this company a favour. We already have two lames GM, we dont need a third one.

    What can I say about you Victoria? You have humillated me in front of thousand, Millions ! of people, in the biggest event of the history of this company. You didnt believe in me when I told you in was Jonathan's plan. You didnt give a shit. And you searched a new partner.
    But then, once again, you changed again. And now you have lost everything. You should have stayed in the women's division. It was easy to win there. No real competition. But you decided to come here and bitch with us.

    This is personal, I need to beat you Victoria. I need to show this people that you did carry me. But you would be now the weak leak. I know I can beat you, I know you better than anyone else does. I'm in your mind. I won't let you play those mental games you play with people. Not this time. This time is me, who will overshadow you. This time, people will talk about me instead of talking about how good you''re and the potential you have. Because all of that is true, it was okay in the begining but now you're ego cant stand it anymore. It's time to put you in the place where you belong to. It's time to show the world, why I can be the face of the company. Bring it back to his back glory. And the first thing I gotta do is to beat the guy who has always stepped in my way, that hasnt allow me to get the tag team championships, and most important, the guy who I've already beaten once. I've done it once. Why can't I do it twice? And Victoria. The girl who has always been above me. Believing in you has been the biggest mistake of my career. But it's time to fix it. It's now. Or never.
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  5. Since coming to the IWT I have brought controversy unlike any other. My tag team reigns have been wrought in controversy due to changing tag team partners, and even embarrassing one of those tag team partners in this very ring on my wedding day. Beyond my controversy, there are some that have gone as far to say that I’m a bitch, a slut, and various other derogatory comments. Even some of you in the crowd have referred to me in this manner. I have thought long and hard about why a wrestler of my caliber has received so much disdain from nearly every wrestler in the back, and among all of the imbeciles in this crowd…and only one reason came to mind. Fear.

    Ever since I came to the IWT, I’ve been unpredictable, ruthless, and determined to be the very best in this company. It’s never been enough to be the very best female wrestler but rather to dominate on every single level and against every pitiful male wrestler in my way. I turned over the Divas title for this very reason because it wasn’t enough to instill fear in the dwindling tag team division, I needed to do so on a full scale level. There’s nothing I won’t do to have a title around my waist and assert myself as the very best this company has ever seen. No man ever knows how to properly handle an assertive and ambitious woman. It makes them question the societal roles they were raised on, that no woman can compare to the drive and strength of a man. In my short career, I’ve put the boys of this company on the floor of the ring and left them struggling to find a way to get one step ahead of me. I’d say I’ve done a hell of a job so far making everyone question what they’ve once thought about the strength of a woman.

    Today marks the occasion where I face two men who I’ve had a complicated history with. Rodrigo was my first tag team partner in this company but was disqualified on the day of our first tag team match at Wrestlemania. As I stood abandoned in the ring, Dat Kid decided to be the hero and swoop in to save my tag team aspirations. In a moment of desperation, I took Dat Kid’s help against my better judgment and he became my next tag team partner. Although both of these individuals are different, they both share one thing in common – I despise both of them.

    Rodrigo, you were the first tag team partner I ever put my trust into. We were going to be tag team partners together and dominate the entire IWT. However, I should have seen then that you weren’t my intellectual equal. I carried us into the tag team title match at Wrestlemania. If it hadn’t been for my tremendous skill we wouldn’t have been granted a tag team match. When our chances looked grim during the match at Wrestlemania, you abandoned me and got disqualified from the match. You abandoned me yet again when you decided to “retire” from the IWT so soon after we reunited as a tag team. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no way in hell that you deserve or are capable of handling the championship. You come and go as you please and would probably abandon this title after you got a few contenders in your way. Face it Rodrigo – you’re nothing compared to me.

    And you, Dat Kid. I’m certainly pleased that you’ve decided to face me in this match. I thought it would never happen considering how I’ve embarrassed you time and time again on various occasions. We’ve had quite the complicated history. I defeated you in a convincing fashion to become the #1 contender for the tag team championship. Despite all your derogatory and sexist comments you didn’t stand a chance. Along came Wrestlemania and my tag team title, match and I was left alone in the ring to fend for myself…and what did you do? You swooped in like the knight in shining armor that you are, decided to be the stereotypical male and save the lady in distress. I accepted your help because that championship meant everything to me. For a little while I let myself forget about everything you had ever done to me, about every way you had ever insulted me. But when our wedding came around, I knew it was time for revenge. You were always a temporary solution whereas my revenge was life-long. Remember my vows sweetheart? I certainly haven’t forgotten. This match gives me the opportunity to fulfill my vows. I still vow to never forgive and to never forget. I still vow to continue destroying your career while I have all the success in the world. I vow to leave you where you stand and strip you of your WWE Championship.

    When I’m done with both you, I will be the next WWE Champion. I’ve proven to the both of you in our rich and complicated history that I can outdo both of you through intelligence and strength. When you’ve been blessed the way I have, there’s nothing you can’t do. Move over boys – a female champion is in the IWT’s future and you’re just in the way of history.
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  6. It's pretty cool to see that someone appeared, I was pretty bored, well tbh. I still bored.

    Seems like your ego doesn't allow you how this are. Victoria. What have you achieved? It's true that you carried me. But that's the past. I've beat Kid. I've made a name of myself. And without you. You think you're the center of the world, it's time to bring you back to this world. You killed the Divas division. Champions are the face of the company. Only the best ones are allowed to touch the gold, the divas division was dead, but when you're became the champ damn, you literally murdered the division and had any other option rather than closing it. I don't want the same to happen here. I don't want you to fuck up this company (Even more). You're just an eye candy. Nothing else, you aren't more intelligent than me or anyone else. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here, cutting a promo against someone who doesn't talk your language.
    You're last matches have been shit, this company cannot afford more lame champions. We want champions that change things. Lead the company, and you.. What can I say. Just take a look at your tag team match. Were you there? You lost. You lost the only thing you had left. Now you have nothing. And I want you to realize that you aren't the center of the world. Just a couple of victories doesn't make you the best in the world. You haven't shown anything yet. You dot have the X factor. You're good. But not here.
    You would just bring soap operas to this company, and we are tired of you, we are tired of what you have done to the company.

    *Crowd agrees*

    You should take back that divas division title and bring Dat A$$ back to Wisconsin.
    This company is about to crash. The GM don't care about it. Because you filthy people, will buy the fucking PPV. You will watch the show. No matter if you like it or not, you will complain, but you will tune in next week. You're the ones who should be demanding a champion who could fix all this. A champion like me.

    The revolution is coming.

    There's only one problem. And that's you kid. You haven't even shown up. You and your stupid reign.

    By the end of this match, I will show you a couple of things.
    Victoria you will never ever say again that you carried me. Because I will carry you to the fucking hospital.
    And kid, you will wish, I would have injured you the day I signed that contract.

    It's time to fix things. And it will start tonight. When I leave this arena with the WWE Chamiponship.

    Jonathan, Britanica... Be careful.
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    This shit is about to finish. There are not even 10 minutes left.

    Victoria, you need to open your eyes. You need to realise that all you have done in this company is to create a drama. You have only hurt this company and you cannot be the champ. You have just lost the tag team championships. Someone has proven that is better than you. I dont reallly understand how can you come here and think you can earn a shot.
    While you Kid, we all know you were afraid. You're nightmare became true. I returned to the WWE. Your reign has been the worst ever since the championship was created. You have only changed the design, and that wont be enough to make people remember you. You havent shown up. We all know you want to become GM, but you have cover this championship with crap. And it's time to clean it.

    This company has gone downhill. The champion is the face of the company, and he's the one who needs to get things working. While I left. I understood a couple of things. I used to watch the show, thinking about how could it be fixed. I did a plan, and all worked perfectly. It was the only way to get myself a shot.
    I dont want partners, I dont want stables. I just want the title. It's the only way I can fix this mess.
    It's time to have a legit champion, a champion who wont be afraid of facing each and everyone in the roster. A champion who will face the GM if its necessary. And no, Im not a ¨good guy¨ or a ¨bad guy¨ I'm want I want. I defend what I believe and I dont care of you assholes dont like it. Truth hurts.
    I'm what people would define as tweener. Ups. Breaking Kayfabe here.

    Today, a new era is coming. The reborn of the IWT. An era where the IWT will rise above any other wrestling company.

    I will be the first champ of the new era. And the first thing I have to do, is to show Britanica and Jonathan how things are done.
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  8. Writing my promo now, don't open voting. I just got back from Pennslyvania
  9. Time limit extended by 30 minutes.

  10. *Dat Kid makes his way down to the ring with the WWE Championship wrapped around his waist. He looks at his two opponents as he approaches the ring apron. He rolls in through the bottom rope and quickly hands over the title to the ref*

    I want this to be done as quickly as possible. The reason you two are in the ring with me right now, is not because you two are my greatest rivals. Let's not try to confuse the fans into thinking that because the real reason you guys are here is so that I can kill you two pests once and for all. You two have been costing me championships, embarrassing me, and making me look like a fool for months now and it's about time I make you two look like fools. You two come in to this ring thinking we've beaten this guy before and we can surely do it again. That's not the case this time and you know it.

    Victoria you want to talk about fear, the truth is you're the one who fears me. The both of you fear me, you fear what I have become...and what I've become...is better than you. Both of you walking into this match know that I have been vicious in my last couple of matches. Victoria you saw it before anybody when I was your tag team partner, that's why you betrayed me because you knew I was on the rise to the top, so you teamed up with Aids, Rodrigo, and Jonathan then took everything I ever had. However you want to go under this illusion that you're the best, that you're some sort of mental mastermind. The only thing you're doing is backstabbing people on a grand scale. A coward's tactic taken to the extreme, because that's what you are..a COWARD. A person who does not have the ability to win things on her own, that's why you're in the tag division and that's why you literally ended the divas division, not because you're better, but because the moment some new divas walked in here you would have gotten your ass kicked.
    *Crowd starts chanting GrammarNazi*

    You have made your career on the backs of others and you fooled yourself into thinking you made it to this match on your own. You fool

    Rodrigo you want to complain about the company when you're part of the problem. Like Victoria said, you come and go as you please. We can't rely on you to be champion, that's why this is the first shot you've ever gotten and you had to force your way into the match by ambushing a contract signing. I'm not saying you aren't talented, you're a lot talented than what people give you credit for, but you are no champion... You don't have the drive to come into the IWT seven days a week, 365, and take on every man in the back who is hungry for this title...you just don't have it Rodrigo. If you were to win this here tonight you would be no different than Gohan and I know he's the longest reigning WWE Champion in the history of this compnay, but believe me, that ain't a compliment. The reason he was champion for so long is because he NEVER wrestled, just like YOU'LL never wrestle! This is a WRESTLING company, these people don't come here to see you air out your dirty laundry with management, they come here to see asses get kicked. Right now the thousands of fans in this arena right now paid to see YOU get your ass kicked and I'm going to give them their money's worth.
  11. Losing the tag team title was a blessing in disguise. It gives me the opportunity to go up against the other wrestlers in the IWT and solidify myself as an individual talent. I'm not afraid of Rodrigo or Dat Kid, and I'm certainly not afraid of any competition moving forward. There's never been anyone quite like me. The Divas title was not worth my time with only one female wrestler to compete against. It's my time to shine against all of you in the IWT and prove once and for all that I truly can compete and win against all of you. This triple threat match is just the beginning for me and I will continue to surprise and bring honor back to this title.
  12. Alright Jonathan it looks like we're ready for voting
  13. What a hell of a match guyzzzz

    Congrats :)
  14. Could have been better
  15. Not enough time. All has been done in about 6 hours
  16. Voting OPEN!