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  1. What are your opinions on crowds, like the one after WrestleMania, and rowdy crowds in general?

    In my opinion, after WrestleMania 29 they started getting annoying. Now they do things like a wave in the middle of the main event, and chant Husky Harris at Bray Wyatt. It's just puts a damper on the whole show, knowing the crowd is gonna completely shit on everything.
  2. Sometimes they're amazing, sometimes they suck. I generally prefer rowdy crowds who aren't afraid to make a little noise, they enhance the experience IMO. Except for if they constantly chant "CM PUNK!" at AJ Lee, "Husky Harris!" at Bray Wyatt and the announcers' names at random times during the matches. I mean, chances are if WWE didn't put on such a shit product at times, it wouldn't be bad but the amount of people trying to get themselves over is bad. Last year's crowd helped most of the segments IMO and was probably the best crowd. They gave Bryan's title celebration that something extra I didn't even know it needed, boo'd Triple H like crazy, cheered Cesaro heavily, wanted for 3MB to save Bryan (that would be hilarious if they came out and flopped anyways) and The Shield's somewhat-face turn that night was amazing when they saved Bryan.
  3. Not a fan of California crowds, especially San Jose.. Philly crowds can be obnoxious.. Columbus, OH crowds are split half and half, you got sometimes where it's popping in there and then you have some nights where it's very relaxed.. I tend to watch almost all shows on low volume other than PPVs to avoid the crowd reaction that may or may not ruin the show but that's what I've noticed.
  4. This year's post-WM crowd in San Jose were bearable until they started chanting WE ARE AWESOME. Fucking losers. lol
  5. I don't worry about the crowd like most fans.. Half of the time i don't even notice them, i focus more on the action in the ring.
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  6. That's a sad wrestling experience. I watch a lot but when the noise of the crowd is absent, it doesn't even feel like a wrestling show. But when that noise because a whole bunch a ****s, that's when I could do without them.
  7. Rowdy crowd is better but sometimes they can shit all over matches that are good, in ECW for example the crowd chanted boring during a couple of the Guerrero/Malenko classic bouts. Seen that in ROH as well when they are in new york. Depends really sometimes it enhances a match for the better or worse. That whole chanting for CM Dork last year was lame and pathetic. Did not mind that Mexican wave thing, they are just having a blast on the biggest weekend of wrestling .
  8. But what about when they have to give themselves a pat on the back after making some lame chants?
  9. There was a great moment last year with Rollins owning the cm punk chants but it was during a ad break during Raw and not actually broadcast, on the net somewhere. Those Goldberg chants at Ryback were pretty annoying after a while.
  10. The crowds are only really annoying unless you're involved in it. As a viewer, we tend to get annoyed easily by certain things. However, if we just saw Mania and full of adrenaline, Raw would be insane and I'd be chanting, yelling, and trying to annoy the hell out of superstars i don't like. It's all in good fun and I don't find it annoying at all. More often than not, it makes me laugh.
  11. Well, I don't blame the crowd. On the last episode of Raw, they seemed really hot for the good stuff without making any stupid chants. But during that main event? I mean, absolutely adequate. In fact I enjoy it, I'm really not sure how someone could've been excited for that 6-man main event. The crowd made it worthwhile. Same for that Sheamus/Orton match a few years back. In short, when whatever is happening sucks I enjoy it.
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  12. That mexican wave was the best thing about the main, other then Regins adding that top rope dive to his select moves of doom. US should of been the main.
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  13. Absolutely. I have no idea why with that US match AND Brock killing people on the show they had that random 6-man go last.
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  14. because big show and kane are headliners, man.....didn't ya know?!!?!?!
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  15. Because Raw wouldn't be Raw if it didn't have the typical/10 BS on it. But hey, there was at least one upside to that ME, it did not end in The Authority's DQ Fest. :bodallas:
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  16. A lot of crowds today tend to aggravate me more often than not. Either they're apathetic and bother to make very little noise at all, or when they are energetic, they chant stupid shit that just annoys me. They often chant "This Is Awesome" at any little thing (this past Monday's Raw being a good example of this, as they started chanting it a whole one minute into the Bryan/Ziggler match while the guys were doing nothing more than a simple lockup), they chant CM Punk's name whenever AJ is in the ring, and sometimes they just chant plain stupid shit like the name of the commentators (JBL's mainly) while a match is going on.

    I guess it's better to hear them chanting something rather than nothing at all since there's nothing worse than indifference, but still.
  17. omg...that shit drove me fucking crazy!!!!
  18. The crowd pre WM was just annoying. The good crowds are the ones that are load but shout things relevant to the WWE and what's happening in the ring. Another crowd that really annoyed me was the RR crowd, just booing and booing through out the whole match ruined the match for me.
  19. I chilled out on the bullshit crowds quite a bit after the CM Dogshit chants finally ended. That, the What bullshit, and random chants need to fuck off.
  20. I thought the 'CM Punk' chant was the new 'What', it's used to piss people off. lol
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