WWE Dream Team

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  1. El Generico and Sin Cara

    This would be my WWE Dream Tag team.. It would be my fantasy if they became the tag team champions.

    The first person who posts their Dream Team, I will personally be making them their very own dream team sig :emoji_grin: I'm hoping it's @[seabs] or @[Crayo] but you never know :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Samoa Joe and Kenta. Posted first whilst my dog was eating my fingers #swag.
  3. Samoa Joe & Kenta vs Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Kevin Steen & Generico
  4. @[seabs] I can't find a Samoa Joe render D:
  5. Some one else can win the sig then, I change mine too much anyway :laugh:
  6. Fine... I'll look for a Steen render so I can do Crayo's then :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Unless you want to find a Samoa Joe render @[seabs] ?
  7. Naa I'm useless at finding that kind of stuff :lol:
  8. Btw I don't wear sigs. I change mine a lot :emoji_slight_frown:
  9. Has to copy everything I do, god Crayo you're such a wanna be.
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  11. What fail?
  12. Abuse! SO MUCH ABUSE!

    - The Undertaker vs. Sting
    - El Generico vs. Rey Mysterio (2/3 falls)
    - Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Bryan
    - Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Daniel Bryan (60 min Ironman)
    - Kane vs. Super Dragon (Street Fight)
    - Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler & Christian vs. TJ Perkins, SHINGO & Akira Tozawa (Trios match)


    - The Undertaker vs. Raven (Hell in a Cell)
    - The Undertaker vs. Goldberg
    - The Undertaker vs. Mitsuharu Misawa
  14. Aren't we talking dream tag teams?
  15. Uh, oh... Misread it.

    Daniel Bryan & Nigel McGuinness then.
  16. Crayo, I actually spent some time on this to make it look good just for you, baby <3


    Tell me what you think :emoji_slight_smile:

    *Couldn't fine any Steen renders, Samoa Joe renders, or any other Generico renders :emoji_confused:
  17. I like the idea of a dream match ups thread though @[JoeRulz]
  18. :cool: