WWE Episode #16: The Shredder 80's vs The Shredder 2003

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Who will win?

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  1. 80's Shredder

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  2. 2003 Shredder

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  1. Hello, and welcome to the latest episode of WWE! Today, we have 2 versions of the Ninja Turtles' arch-enemy, The Shredder. We have both The Shredder from the 80's cartoon, and the Shredder from the 2003 cartoon.

    In THIS corner, we have the version that was evil, but incompetent and the ally of the alien named Krang, please welcome...80's Shredder.

    And in THIS corner, we have the version of Shredder from the 2003 cartoon, who is an Utrom (also an alien) named Ch'rell, please welcome...2003 Shredder.

    It's Classic Shredder vs 2003 Shredder. Who will win?
  2. 2003 is more bad ass!!!!!
  3. 2003 of course
  4. I agree. It was entertaining to watch 80's Shredder comedic antics and it was funny to see him be highly incompetent. Although that was true, at least 2003 Shredder could actually put up a decent fight against the Turtles, something 80's Shredder could NEVER do.
  5. Agreed.
  6. Classic Shredder is the GOAT.

    Also just FYI, when naming a decade ala 'the 80s' you don't need an apostrophe, just an S
  7. Oh. I see.

    Which do you want to win this WWE match?
  8. 1980s Shredder because those were the TMNT cartoons I grew up watching, and liked him when he was more humanized as opposed to later when he became like half a step away from being a robot
  9. If you were referring to 2003 Shredder about that robot thing. In the 2003 cartoon, Shredder wasn't a robot. He was an Utrom, an alien. At least 2003 Shredder could actually put up a fight against the turtles. Look here for proof.

    I'm not asking you to change your opinion, you have every right to it. I'm just explaining the reasons I personally want 2003 Shredder to win this WWE match.
  10. Yeah
  11. Kevin Nash.
  12. Did he play a Shredder?
  13. Re: RE: WWE Episode #16: The Shredder 80's vs The Shredder 2003

    Yep, forget which one though.
  14. Nash was the Super Shredder from Turtles 2
  15. Cool. But what I meant was, out of Classic Shredder vs 2003 Shredder.
  16. Both suck. The 90's one if Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince and the other one is Krang basically.

    The comic book one was a fucking psycho murderer. He takes the cake.
  17. Alright. But again, 2003 Shredder is NOT Krang. He's an UTROM! There's a huge difference. Plus, the 2003 series was personally the one I grew up with.
  18. looks like everyone think 2003 will win!
  19. Except for people who are really nostalgic about the 80's version.
  20. I know the poll is closed, but it's still nice to talk about it.
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