WWE Episode #19: The Cat in the Hat and The Lorax vs The Grinch and Max

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Which team will win?

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  1. The Cat in the Hat and The Lorax

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  2. The Grinch and Max

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  1. Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome to WWE! This is the first match to be a tag-team fight between 2 teams of 2. This is really going to be a huge battle in WWE history.

    In THIS corner, we have Team #1, one speaks for the trees and the other is a 6-foot tall feline, please welcome...THE LORAX AND THE CAT IN THE HAT!


    The Cat in the Hat: I hear our opponent is tough, Lorax. Don't you think we need a plan?

    Lorax: I DO have a plan: Beat the living crap out of them. That's it. Nothing else.

    And in THIS OTHER corner, Team #2, we have the Christmas-hating green thing, and his dog, THE GRINCH AND MAX!


    Grinch: MAX! You better help me win this match, or you're sleeping in the garage for the night.

    [size=x-large]This is an extrodinary tag-team match between The Cat in the Hat and the Lorax vs The Grinch and Max. Who will win?[/size]
  2. Well? Who do you vote for?
  3. Jesus christ, i pick dq them both.
  4. Why disqualify them?
  5. Because these threads are incredibly dumb.
  6. 2 more days of voting.
  7. They're not dumb. They're a creative WWE-based game.
  8. Which team do you guys vote for? Vote now because you only have 2 days left.
  9. The Cat in the Hat and The Lorax!!!
  10. Yeah. They're better characters in my opinion.
  11. I killed them both with my sexy muscles, so no one.
  12. LOL.
  13. One more day of voting, people.