WWE Episode #23: Sonic the Hedgehog vs RoadRunner

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Who will win?

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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog

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  2. Roadrunner

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  1. This will take place in RAW, since it's tomorrow.

    Hello, Wrestling fans and welcome to yet another episode of Monday Night Raw. Today, we have 2 of the world's most fastest beings to walk the planet, or run it.

    In THIS corner, we have the supersonic hedgehog, the Blue Blur...Sonic The Hedgehog!!!
    *Crowd Cheers wildly as Sonic runs to the ring and gets up on the turnbuckle to do a pose*
    You know, Bob, I bet considering how fast Sonic is, he's probably in trouble with the cops a lot and gets a lot of speeding tickets.

    I bet, Mike, must be a big pain for him. You'd think he'd just speed away easily. I mean, he's SONIC THE HEDGEHOG for crying out loud.

    But in this OTHER corner, we have that bird that goes "Meep Meep", the adversary of Wile Coyote...ROADRUNNER!
    (Crowd goes into a frenzy as Roadrunner speeds into the ring and yells "Meep Meep" into the microphone.

    [size=x-large]So, this is going to be one extraordinary match folks, between Sonic the Hedgehog vs Roadrunner. I wonder who will win.[/size]
  2. Sonic will win, he's a :boss1:
  3. :BOSS1:
  4. Please comment.
  5. Roadrunner will definitely be faster than sonic!!! sonic will get tired trying to catch roadrunner!
  6. Possible. If he can beat a ravenous Coyote who's constantly trying to eat him with ease, he COULD beat Sonic. But, we'll have to see on Monday Night Raw tonight.
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