WWE Episode #24: Macbeth vs Conan the Barbarian

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Who will win Monday Night Raw?

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  1. MacBeth

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  2. Conan the Barbarian

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  1. Hello, everyone and welcome to a long-awaited episode of Monday Night Raw. Tonight, 2 famous warriors from the past have been brought back to life in an epic showdown that will revolutionize the world of WWE!

    In this corner, approaching the ring, one of Shakespeare's greatest warriors, MACBETH!!!

    *Crowd cheers wildly as Macbeth arrives into the ring. He takes the mic and begins to challenge Conan the Barbarian*

    Macbeth: Conan, if you think you're so awesome, come into this ring and fight me now. You don't stand a chance. I have killed a KING, and have slaughtered hundreds, if not, thousands of soldiers in battle. What have you done that was so important?

    Conan: I'll TELL YOU WHAT!

    *Conan the Barbarian the Great enters the ring to confront Macbeth*

    Conan: You are a fool to challenge the great Conan the Barbarian. You're an old man, you know? I have destroyed entire outposts and killed more soldiers than 10 dragons could possibly kill. If you think you're better than me, prove it.

    Let the battle BEGIN! Who will win? Macbeth, or Conan the Barbarian?
  2. Macbeth gonna' open a can of Whoop-ass on dat' boy.
  3. I actually was inspired to do this match by the fact that we're reading MacBeth at my school. It's a graphic novel version, too.
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