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    Here to ask you the top Face and Heels of the following years!

    This is similar to my thread Superstar of the Year: http:emoji_confused:/wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=2312

    Use the following code: Example: (Year) - Face/Heel a short explanation why if you want.

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  2. 2004 - Heel JBL, amazing promos, amazing title reign, just an amazing character, shame his reign has to end in such a shit way at Wrestlemania.

    Face - Eddie Guerrero, Loved his gimmick, it shows that when a face has some heel traits they can get over really well. Great wrestler and when he won the WWE Championship it was so emotional. Great rivalry with JBL as well.

    2005 - Heel - I was very young back in 2005 so cut me some slack for my choices, but I'll go with Triple H. As much as I dislike the guy I think he was a great heel around this time, I can't remember much about the year as I said so I could be totally wrong.

    Face - I'll go Batista. I really enjoyed him back then and he was a really believable champion and booked well. Had a great Hell in a Cell match with Triple H and a couple of other decent matches.

    2006 - Heel - Edge, ultimate oppurtunist gimmick was awesome, cashing in the MITB was epic the first time it happened as well. He was a really good heel, loved the sex celebration as well :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Match with Foley was incredible and had a great fued with Cena.

    Face - I have no idea who to pick. Cena was relatively enjoyable that year but I can't pick him as the best face when so many fans hated him. Rey Mysterio had a really good half year but then got injured (Kayfabe?) so it's hard to choose him either. Batista also had a good half year with fued with Kennedy and Booker, but I can't really pick him either. I guess I'll skip this one.

    2007 - Heel - Randy Orton. Hated him as a casual, so he did his job really well. He seemed really vicious and Vile - I just really wanted him to lose all the time. Great series of matches with HBK.

    Special mention goes to:

    Mr. kennedy - He missed a lot of the year and didn't really get involved in that many fueds. But as a non-internet fan I loved him. So charismatic and great mic skills, the best look in the WWE as well, he didn't really have a particlularly great year but I thought he was brilliant.

    Face - Can't decide again. Michaels would've been my choice but missed a lot of the year again, great match with Cena. Cena got booed a lot, so can't really pick him. Batista was good again, think he would be my pick of the bunch because he helped carry Smackdown and had a good fued with Taker.

    2008 - Heel - Chris Jericho - Heel run was sublime. His fued with Michaels was different class and his mic work is just unbelievable. Easy choice.
    Face - Jeff Hardy, really over with the fans, amazing stunts(That Swanton to Randy) and winning the WWE championship which was amazing. Great year for him but began to go downhill afterwards.

    2011 - Face - CM Punk, only seen half of the year but he was just amazing in the summer. He wasn't really a face but the fans loved him so it has to be him.
    Heel - Can't decide again. Missed a lot of the year personally and nobody really stands out.

    2012 - Face - Once again I find myself struggling to pick a face, maybe as the year goes on a bit I will find it easier. CM Punk has progressed the most in stature but has gotten a bit stale, I'll pick him anyway.

    Heel - Daniel Bryan YES! YES! YES! Just a great heel, hope he continues to do as well after his burial at 'Mania :emoji_slight_frown:

    Remember for the majority of my choices I was a casual fan and very young so go easy on me!