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    Here, you can catch up on all things WWE Fantasy League, from rosters to league champions to ranks, it's all here!

    Rosters! (open)
    The Power Trip @Trip in the Head
    Wade/Bad News Barrett
    Big Cass
    Seth Rollins.

    Sara Matthews @Tsar
    AJ Lee
    Dolph Ziggler
    Erick Rowan
    Luke Harper
    Bray Wyatt
    Kevin Steen
    Dean Ambrose

    Vice Grip @Vice
    Jimmy Uso
    Jey Uso
    Mark Henry
    Big Show
    Sami Zayn

    Rose Buds @TheBrownienator
    Brie Bella
    The Miz
    Finn Balor
    Enzo Amore
    Hideo Itami
    Tyler Breeze

    Buttery Nips
    Nikki Bella
    Jack Swagger
    Sin Cara
    Justin Gabriel
    Adrian Neville

    Big Dick Kliq @Sharpy Sandow
    Summer Rae
    Damien Mizdow
    Bo Dallas
    Aiden English
    Baron Corbin
    Randy Orton

    Delik's Destroyers @Delik
    Triple H
    Kofi Kingston
    Xavier Woods
    Big E
    Alicia Fox

    Point System and Awards (open)
    Win = 10 Points
    Loss = -10 Points.
    Draw = 0 Points
    Tag Team win = 5 Points
    Tag Team loss = -5 Points
    DQ Loss (You lose by DQ) = -5 Points
    DQ Win (You win by DQ) = 5 Points
    Money in the Bank win = 10 Points
    Royal Rumble Win = 10 Points
    WrestleMania Match Win = 8 Points
    WrestleMania Match Loss = -8 Points

    Putting Someone Through the Announcer Table = 15 pts
    Backstage Beat up (Occurs only backstage) = 10 pts
    Attack! (Attacking anybody NOT DURING A MATCH) = 8 pts
    Interference(During a Match) = 6 pts
    Eliminator (Eliminate someone in a Elimination Match) = 5 pts (Per Elimination)

    Championships (Winning/Losing)
    WWE = (Winning = 50) / (Defending = 25) / (Loosing = -25 Points)
    US = (40) / (20) / (-20)
    IC = (40) / (20) / (-20)
    Tag Team = (30) / (15) / (-20)
    Diva = (35) / (15) / (-15)
    NXT = (45) / (20) / (-20)
    NXT Womens = (35) / (15) / (-20)

    Season 1 Winner - John Cena
    Season 1 Runner Up - Roman Reigns
    Season 1 Winner - WWE Fantasy League Championship
    First Person to get 100 points in the season - 100 Points Medal
    Most points by a tag team - Tag Team Specialist Medal
    Fastest Rise - Rags to Riches Medal
    Fastest Fall - Fastest Fall from Grace medal[
    Undefeated Roster Member - The Streak award

    Features! (open)

    Predict Points


    1: Power Trip
    2. Vice Grip
    3. Big Dick Kliq
    4. Buttery Nips
    5. Sara Matthews
    6. Delik's Destroyers
    7. Rose Buds

    Season Totals!

    Power Trip: +131 Points
    Sara Matthews: +364 Points
    Vice Grip: +107 Points Points
    Rose Buds: +36 Points
    Buttery Nips: +50 Points
    Delik's Destroyers: +135 Points

    Big Dick Kliq: +177 Points

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  2. Is it still possible to have a roster name?

    Also, Vice... You know you're going down right? :heenan:
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  3. Man I was hoping the Bailey vs Charlotte match this week would count. Oh well.

    Did anyone pick Bailey?
  4. Nope, I would of but i'm going with tactics. Who has the spotlight right now? Nikki Bella. Who's got the Stephanie And Hunter at her finger tips, Nikki Bella.

    ALL Your divas will perish... mwahaha!
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  5. Yes.
  6. Trash talking time Eh?

    You taste horrible on toast. :otunga:
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  7. Nothing on the logo?

  8. Just noticed it actually. Nice touch
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  9. Holy balls, it's glorious, hadn't noticed it before
  10. I can thank @Delik for giving me a lesson on how to make a logo, luv u bby.
  11. It's uh, unique, I'll give you that :urm:
  12. I'll never make a good logo :downer:
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  13. I want my roster name to be Buttery Nips.
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  14. Summer Rae is the #1 Diva bitchezzz!
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  15. The WWE Fantasy League Season 1: Wild Card Tournament!

    You will receive a number for one of your roster members. This number will correspond with another roster's member. If the two ever face off, the winner will advance. This is single elimination, no immunity games or survival rounds. If two never face off, you both will be dropped from the tournament, hence the reason i'ts called the Wild Card tournament, but I highly doubt someone will be left out. The tournament will from Hell in the Cell through TLC and certain measures will be taken to make sure it's unpredictable.

    The winner will win a trophy (virtual) and 50 points!

    If you wish not to participate in the tournament, please say so now...​
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  16. This actually reminds me of a question: What happens if two of our own roster members face off? Would we automatically get points or would the points null out due to one loss and one win? I think we should just get the positive points in a situation like that, but thats just my opinion.
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  17. They will null out.

    It wouldn't be fair to you or anyone else if you were to recieve a loss of points or a gain of points.
  18. Laaaaaame
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  19. Wooh Rusev & Orton got a victory last night.. ofc Summer Rae had to lose.. I'm still waiting on her to bust out, she has mad potential.. Hope things go well for my other players this week; Bo Dallas & Slater Gator I'm assuming will both be on Smackdown, hopefully Orton and Rusev get some wins as well.
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