WWE Fantasy League Season 1 - Predict Points #1!

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  1. Please answer the following if you wish to participate, if you are unaware of what Predict Points are click here. You aren't force to do these, if you don't want to participate in this extra point activity, please say so.

    This month is Hell in the Cell 2014. For those who are participating, please answer the bottom 5 question to the best of your ability.

    Q1: What will Main Event Hell in the Cell?
    Q2: What title(s) will change?
    Q3: Will Brock Lesnar make an appearance?
    Q4: Will there be any blood?
    Q5: Will any tables be broken?

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  2. Q1: Ambrose vs Rollins
    Q2: None of them
    Q3: Nope
    Q4: Yes
    Q5: Nope
  3. Q1: Ambrose Vs Rollins.
    Q2: Diva's Championship.
    Q3: Yes.
    Q4: Yes.
    Q5: No.
  4. Don't we already know the ME at HIAC or was it not "official" yet?
  5. They call it a dual main event. I meant what match will go on last?
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  6. Q1: Rollins vs Ambrose in the Hell in a Cell
    Q2: The U.S Title
    Q3: Nope
    Q4: Yes
    Q5: Nope
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  8. Q1: Gonna go against the grain here and say Cena vs Orton
    Q2: None
    Q3: Nope
    Q4: Yeah probably
    Q5: Going with no
  9. Ambrose vs Rollins
    US Title
  10. Q1: Ambrose vs Rollins
    Q2: United States Championship
    Q3: Not this time
    Q4: Yes
    Q5: Nope
  11. BTW, I'm not in the WWE Fantasy League!
    These are just my opinions
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  12. But...HIAC already went down.
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  13. Vice = 5 users :dafuq:
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