WWE Fantasy League Season 1 - The Auction

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    Welcome to the WWE Fantasy League Roster Auction! Here you will be able to win roster members in trade for points! The auction items are available below, with starting bids! Here is some basic background regarding The Auction.

    Regular buys - These buys are automatic purchases, allowing you to have them on your roster immediately. Another choice is the PTC Members, this allows you to choose a Part Time Competitor to be apart of your roster, doubling all point values in their matches. Season Passes allow you to reserve members for Season 2, come October 2015. If the PTC member fails to have a match in the season, no refunds.

    Daniel Bryan - 25 Points
    Tyson Kidd - 15 Points
    Kane - 10 Points
    Curtis Axel - 8 Points
    Natalya - 5 Points
    Chris Jericho (PTC / Season 2 Pass) - 30 Points
    Sting (PTC) - 40 Points
    Christian (PTC) - 15 Points
    Cody Rhodes (NOT Stardust) - 10 Points

    @Trip in the Head

    In order, place your opening bids for Daniel Bryan. It must be above 25 Points. ​
  2. Do I have any points?
  3. No, but you have Forum Cash :heenan:
  4. [​IMG]
    I'll PM my further questions so i dont clutter it even more XD
  5. Kane for 20 Points.

    That's how it works right? People told me the horrors of making it out into the big city with drugs and gambling...
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  6. Daniel Bryan 30

    Tyson Kidd for 15

    Natalya for 5

    Sting for 40
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  7. Natalya - 10. She may be worth something, BACK DOWN, RED!
  8. Oh its on like Donkey Kong!

    Natalya - 15!
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  9. Eh... I don't want to make Nattie worth something that she isn't... maybe i'll leave this for now...
  10. Damn now i'm stuck paying 15 for her! why butters? I was gonna get her for 5! Y U DO DIS?!
  11. Anyone who wants to have a rebuttle to Red's Natalya bid has until 12:AM Central to do so.

    The rest of the bids are still open to rebuttal with no deadline.
  12. I totally missed this whole thing. Never got the tag and I don't come in this section much. Oh well.
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