WWE Fantasy League Season 2 - Auction #1

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  1. Alright. Since the beginning of the league many stars returned. Three of which are Alberto Del Rio and The Usos. In this thread we will be auctioning off. The person who has the highest unmatched bid, will win the superstar and have the amount bidded, detracted from their season total. If you lose, you do not lose any of your points.

    We will be using Week 5's leaderboard. You can use as many points as you wish to buy off the competitors.

    Power Trip: +48 Points
    Tsardom: +159 Points
    9 Tailed Foxes: +71 Points
    Anaconda Vice: +219 Points
    Up the Boro: +60 Points
    The OP Team: -3 Points
    Dead Cell: +33 Points

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  2. 5 for Usos
  3. I'll throw in 6 for The Usos. I've been hearing some promising things for their future...
  4. I'll do 10 for the Usos since my tag team ain't doing so good.
  5. 13 for ADR
  6. 15 for ADR
  7. Mmmm. Put me up for 25
  8. Can I bid points?
  9. That's what everyone else is doing....

    I bid 30 for ADR.
  10. He has negative points. That's why he asked I believe
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  11. He can and it will just go deeper into negatives.
  12. 36 for ADR.
  13. 42 for ADR

    quick question if you win the auction will they be added to your roster as an 8th conpetitor or do you have to replace with someone from your roster
  14. Added. No need to get rid of someone.

    I'm throwing in a 43 for ADR.
  15. 12- Usos
    50- ADR
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