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    [​IMG] - Muhammad Hassan Award (Fastest Fall)
    [​IMG] - Rags to Riches Award (Fastest Rise)
    [​IMG] - Tag Team Specialist (Most tag team wins)
    [​IMG] - The Streak (Undefeated roster member)
    [​IMG] - Clean Sweep (Getting all wins and no losses)

    Handed Out (open)

    [​IMG] - Dark Horse (Getting a massive amount of points with an uninspiring roster or by being a new member) - To: Up the Boro

    [​IMG] - The 100 Point (Being the first to achieve 100 points. And yes it's supposed to be this big) - To: Anaconda Vice

  2. The possible awards posted above.
  3. Jeez quite a few
  4. Same amount as last year.

    I changed up the image for 100 Points, since last year it was an ugly, big ass medal (that you won).
  5. Tomorrow's the night...tomorrow is the night.
  6. I think it's great. I like that system for doing it and really like how you have been showcasing the points, results and leaderboard. All is good right now.
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  7. I agree, I got nothing to add right now. Going good
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  8. How long does a season last?
  9. Regular Season lasts till the Royal Rumble. The top two members and the Royal Rumble winner (if applicable) are then in a Playoff sort of deal, where they are the only ones competing until WrestleMania. Depending on what the members want, we can do a couple post-season tally's, but unsure atm.
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  10. The Fantasy League has taken a break this week. I've just had a really hectic week. Between school, school-work and being extremely fatigued, I've just been too busy to do this. I'm sorry if anyone was anticipating this week. But Week 6 will be up next week and the League will resume.

    Sorry @Solidus for letting you down.
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  11. As for why the SmackDown and Season Totals weren't up, was because of the bidding. If I were to post the new points, it would've been outdated within 2-3 days.
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