WWE Fantasy League Season 3 - How to Play

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    Part 1 - Introduction
    WWE Fantasy League is what the name says, a Fantasy League based off of weekly WWE events. From RAW to SmackDown to PPVs and even NXT and Main Event, all events will be scored based on your rosters performance at each of these events. Simply, you sign up here and read the rules here. From there you wait until the draft.

    Part 2 - The Draft
    The WWE Fantasy League has a draft, here you choose your roster. A maximum 7 roster members, this can change depending on the amount of people playing. The draft goes in number order, and can last a while. More specifications will be set during the draft.

    Part 3 - Regular Season
    For around 20 weeks every player who signed up will be playing and competing on the leader boards, some may dominate, some may suck, some may do either only in a specific division. In this regular season, lasting from September till January, awards will be given out to anyone who earns them.

    Part 4 - Championship Series
    After the Royal Rumble in January 2017, the top two ranking players and the Royal Rumble winner (if applicable) will then be the only eligible players in the league, competing for around 11-12 weeks. Here all TV show or free events will be scored based on points but all PPVs and specials will be prediction contests. WrestleMania 33, which will be the season 3 finale will be both.

    Part 5 - Firing, Trading and Auctioning
    If a certain roster member is doing horrible and costing you a lot of points, fire them. Just send me a PM saying you want them off your team, and they'll be gone. Or if you want to maintain your 7 member roster, you can trade. Just reach out to another player, make the deal and send me a PM of the change. Finally, Auctioning where we give away un-drafted members at the expense of points. When we hold an auction, you'll bid a number of points that will be deducted if the bid is the winning bid. Managing your roster is completely your responsibility, if you want, swap entire rosters. Just let me know after doing so.

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