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    - Well, after an abrupt and disorderly end to Season 2 last year, I figured to reboot this Fantasy League under a new premise. Similar to that of sport tournaments. This year will have stages. At the end of every month, the person with the lowest amount of points will be eliminated from the running. This will continue until the Royal Rumble, where the top two participants will be left and it will resume as a usual league. Who The winner will get the Season 3 prizes and be declared the winner of Season 3!

    - Season 3 will begin on the first RAW of the brand extension. And before that, we will hold our draft and set up our teams.

    To sign up follow the instructions below.

    Username: Example 1
    Team Name: Example 2
    Team Color: Example 3 (Use the color you want on the text)

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  3. Username: @Geek773
    Team name: Team Geek (yeah, imaginative, I know :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)
    Team Color: This one
  4. Can you link to something that shows how a fantasy wrestling league works?

    Because I have no idea.

  5. Username: @ATWOS1
    Team Name: Around The World Of Sports
    Team Color: This one.
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    It works just like Fantasy football. You select the wrestlers you want on your "Team" and if he or she wins on Raw or Smackdown, then you gain points. And if you have the most points for that week, you win in your "Fantasy League". Quoted from Yahoo Answers
  7. I'll join. It will be something new to try.

    Username: @NLSuplex
    Team Name: #TeamPopplio
    Team Color: This One
  8. Username: @TheFrostyBlur
    Team name: Winter Is Coming
    Team Color: This One
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    Username: @Crithu
    Team Name: Crithu's Carnies
    Team Color: THIS!
  10. Username: @Ricky Daniels
    Team Name: Taker Gently
    Team Color: This one
  11. Username: @King B
    Team Name: Superstar Schlongs
    Team Color: THIS
  12. Cool beans. I'm changing the start date. I've been hella busy, so I'll probably change it to August.
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  13. Can I still join?
  14. This is closing down.
  15. I'm confused why since more people have signed up than last season...
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  16. No time. I fall behind.
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