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  1. This arose last night in the iMPACT discussion thread (That wasn't live) about a TNA fantasy league, but looking back at it TNA's roster is substantially smaller than WWE's roster. So I was wondering about a league that can get people hyped up about watching WWE show's again while having a large array of superstars to choose from.

    How it works.
    • A random draft order is made.
    • You have to choose 6 wrestlers off the WWE roster. 1-2 WWE Diva, 4-5 mid-carders (Depending on the amount of diva's you chose or vise versa) and a main eventer. Tag teams are optional. (NXT guys eligible.)
    • Every guy is exclusive to the person who drafted them, to be realistic.
    • You track their progress on WWE shows. If you don't watch SmackDown or Main Event the results will be listed weekly. You keep track of wins and losses.
    Yeah so that's how it's played, unsure about the rules but what do you guys think?
  2. I like this idea, so you choose 6 wrestlers off the WWE roster and you keep track of their win/loss record?
  3. Yup, and it would make sense if we had a point system to make tracking easier. Unsure at the moment, though.
  4. I think that if your superstar/diva wins a match (depending on the match ex. title match, PPV match) they should get somewhere between 2-5 points and if they lose a match you lose 1-3 points also I'll decide on the wrestlers I choose in a few minutes.
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  5. So for wrestlers could I have these few

    Enzo Amore
    Seth Rollins
    Randy Orton
    Tyler Breeze
    Dolph Ziggler
  6. :urm:
    Seth Rollins and Randy Orton are essentially both Main Eventers...and you only have 3 midcarders...:silva:
  7. Ok then I'll get rid of Randy Orton for The Miz.
  8. I'm sorry if I'm being a dick but...
    • "A random draft order is made."
    I'm just trying to be fair to anyone else who wants to join.
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  9. Ok I'm fine with that.
  10. Cool. You still down with the league though?
  11. Yeah I'm still down for the league.
  12. So essentially like fantasy football for WWE? Not a bad idea. The only thing I see being a problem is how many wrestlers people will be able to have 'exclusively' if too many people want in. At least in fantasy football you have groups (or leagues whatever) of people who can choose from the entire NFL roster as opposed to the WWE roster. Maybe you could incorporate TNA and ROH too? More people could be included that way. Overall wrestling fantasy league maybe???
  13. Unlike football, wrestling is scripted and it really comes down to how a guy is booked. I don't see this working well
  14. It's only true. There's no actual complex points system that would be input, and although it seems like a decent idea on paper, when it comes down to it it doesn't work nearly as well as football does.
  15. I could agree to that last part. The only way you could differentiate points would be for stuff like how they won the match (finisher vs DQ, etc), if they won a title, and maybe points for how many times a finisher is done? I dunno, but I see your point.
  16. That makes some sense, but again, it's a game of booking that is usually inconsistent, while football's is formulaic. Dunno, not going to shoot down all aspects of it, I'm just seeing how and why it won't work.
  17. Well hearing these thoughts on it.

    It seems that certain guys have to be off-limits due to their obvious push to mega-star status such as John Cena, Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns. Other than that most the roster is open since their booking can be uncertain at this time. The points system can stem from Win/Loss Title win/Title loss to the finish just by it's self. Detail explanation below. I see this working a lot more smoothly with said guys out of the picture, but I'm not 100% sure that can stay as such.

    Win - 2 point
    Loss - (-) 2 point
    Title win - 3 Points
    Title Loss - (-) 3 Points
    Tag Team win - 1.5 Points
    Tag Team loss - (-) 1.5 Points
    DQ Win - 1 Point
    DQ Loss - No points
    Tag Team + Title win - 5 Points.
    Tag Team + Title Loss - (-) 5 Points

    The reason tag wins are not as significant is because they are a joint match, making their value substantially smaller. DQ losses are a no point predicament because we won't know if they would've won or loss as DQ wins point to the cheater/dirty winner as the holder of the match.
    Many sites dedicated to only this are well working entities and so are site hosted versions of this.
  18. Other in-depth additions to the league will be made.
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