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  1. Gohan ---
    For lack of agreement, arguing set rules, interrupting and delaying the match...
    You are here by stripped of your title rights.
    I would like to wish you the best on all your future endeavors.
    #PeoplePower #ThePeopleHaveSpoken
    This is under review.

    I am not 100% on what is going on.

    From what I understand... You guys had the EC via Predictions and @Stopspot won, correct? So he is going to fight for the title?

    Was Gohan the last guy to hold the title (prior to the current champion?

    If so, being that he was the last man he is entitled for his rematch claws (clause) if he chooses to use it. If he chooses to use it now, being that everything was already arranged... The WM fight will become a Tripple Threat match. If he chooses not to use it now... He will fight the Champion (current to) at Extreme Rules as part of his rematch claws (clause).

    So Gohan...
    You can main event Wrestle Mania in a Tripple Threat or you can fight the (then) Champion one on one at Extreme Rules. Those are your two choices. BUT... The above questions have to be verified.

    In the future; You must agree to all terms. If you sign and do not agree to all terms you will automatically be disqualified and will be banned from the current event. There is no take backs or do overs.

  2. I had more points than the other 5 guys :okay:
  3. Did you enter?
  4. Yes, it was me, kid, aids, Gohan, seabs, and stopspot
  5. He did. I did beat Gohan in points in the EC but Senhor floored most of us. I won the rumble so I already have a mania main event booked.
  6. So who is fighting for the belt Gohan wants at WM?
  7. So you are fighting for the WWE title then?
  8. Well since Senhor won and Seabs wants to forfeit his title I say Senhor won the belt. I guess it can be Senhor vs Gohan or possibly Senhor vs Gohan vs Dat Kid since seabs did promise him a title shot.
  9. How bout this, so Gohan doesn't cry I'll take him on whenever he wants for the title in a promo battle!
  10. But you are the RR winner... Were you going for this title?
    If so, it should be you vs Senhor and only if Gohan has a rematch claws then it will be a Tripple Threat, unless this is not the belt you were going for.
  11. Winner faces Kid and Spot at WM
  12. I'm going for the WHC. I have already made that clear. I decided that Gohan wasn't worth the hassle and CM Punk and Farooq have accepted my challenge.
  13. Alright then set it up Brita if you don't mind, tell Gohan he faces me the winner of The EC. He can cut his promo first since I'm the real champion ATM :happy:
  14. Since there was a forfeit of the WWE Title and you are going for the WHC, then Senhor is the current champ and he will get to choose his appointment(s).

    Sorry about all this, I am confused on who has what and who is fighting who. lol
  15. You are the champ! I will set it up for you guys.
  16. @Seabs wants to drop it? I say We have an interim match. Could be you vs from vs senhor, or from vs senhor...but while senhor did what we all assumed (domination of predictions) i'd still like to see a promo battle.
  17. @"respect gohan6425" understand?
  18. Let me take care of Gohan so we don't have another 300 page thread of him yelling, then we'll move on.
  19. Holy shit, if Spot and seabs are out, count me in. I'll job to Senhor, and make it a valid w. Otherwise, i stick to From vs Senhor.
  20. So @"senhor perfect"

    Do you want a one on one match with Gohan?
    Do you want a tripple threat with Gohan & Dat Kid
    or Do you want a fatal four-way with Gohan, Dat kid & Aids?