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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 6, 2013.

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    So yeah, we're actually doing this. I don't expect too many participants, but if you want to play, find a partner and add each other so you can join.

    Current teams:

    R Albin + Walter Jr (AKA Team Hibblesbrough 6-1 Sunderland)
    Simatic + Xanth
    Jonathan + taily96

    Thousand forum cash for the winning team, split between both.
  2. Cole I get 75% of the winnings
  3. Me and Ralbs gun win.

    Reckon we'll get any more teams? Can't see Dolph's wanting to team with anyone else and not sure who the others will team with.
  4. Hell yeah we are.

    Kinda hoping for a Dolph's/Aids pairing. Don't think Dolph's would do it in a million years, but it'd be epic.
  5. Mail me a copy of Fifa and I'll gladly join. :happy:
  6. Stop typing in that annoying as font and sure :emoji_grin:
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  7. Eh. Besides The four who are already paired there is really nobody I would have fun teaming with. And by the four already paired ofc I am excluding Xanth from that statement. the other 3
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  8. Lmao, not Aids?
  9. He's played FIFA like twice
  10. :downer:

    Only problem with 2v2 tbh, it will be awesome to play but not enough people for everyone unfortunately.
  11. Hahah Ryan with the edit. :obama:
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  12. Here is my thinking for keeping interest up in FIFA on the boards.

    What if I run a season-type of thing? We get 12-14 members, each pick one team to use, I create a schedule, and users post results/scores here and I keep track of statistics and the table? We can use a playoff system after the season is over American style, as well (which could basically just be a cup-type thing to not undermine the season results)

    We can offer forum cash rewards for things like the top 3 scorers/assisters/clean sheets, finish in the table, winning the post season cup, ect. Idea can be tweaked, especially based on interest, but I think it would be fun.
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  13. That would be awesome Dolph's. Maybe we can make two or three leagues also? Not sure if we have enough players but we could have leagues of 5 people, last place gets relegated, 1st goes up? Not sure that would work actually, just a thought, but either way this league thing has to start, even if Crayo would just be the Man U of the league. (literally)
  14. Yea, was thinking we need to offer forum cash for anyone beating/drawing Crayo in the league as well.

    I like the idea of having multiple leagues to set up the possibility of relegation and what not, but I don't think we have enough and I'd rather just have a larger league

    the other main problem I think we might run in to is team selection since we would all have to have different teams, and they would all have to be either club (most likely) or international to avoid duplicate players
  15. Yeah thought about that too, for example I would wanna be Dortmund but if another player does as well how do we decide? Plus if we all have to be a similar star team and your team is taken is there enough other teams for you to have one you ashley want. There's a few problems we'd have to iron out first but I think while we're doing that we could just go in blind for like 1 season or something just to see how it goes, and when we get it working properly this will be great and hopefully if there is some people on the board who have FIFA but don't play would make them want to join in. Or it could get seabs to finally buy FIFA and stop pussing about.
  16. What if we take the standings from the first tourney and have a team draft in reverse order of how well you did? ie Crayo and I get last choice of team while players who did poorly in the group stage go first?

    Then for season 2 we can choose new teams
  17. That could work yeah, then from there on we work it like the draft? So teams at the top get last pick every season? That could be really good to even out the league and hopefully make it so the same people aren't winning every time.
  18. Maybe set it up like the NBA Lottery system. IMO this helps to prevent teams just throwing games at the end to get the #1 pick. Instead of just going in reverse order, you give the worst teams a higher % chance of getting top picks but hold a drawing for it.

    So if you finish 12th (if we have 12 teams) You get a 20% chance of the #1 pick. 11th place gets a 12% chance so on and so forth. I'm just grabbing those numbers out of thin air btw.

    Just one idea to try and combat potential match throwing to try and get Real or something
  19. Best idea yet, take the bottom 4 teams from the season and set up a mini-tourney to play for the #1 overall pick