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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. This is something we have wanted to do for a while now and it's fitting that we can launch the end of calender year awards on our one-year anniversary.

    So without babbling on, here is the award page:


    Remember, make sure the username is spelt correctly (even though there is already an autocomplete there to help you).

    I will announce the winners of each award on January 1st 2013, good luck to everyone.
  2. inb4 everything breaks.
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  3. Can you vote for yourself? :vince: :ryan:
  4. One small note. Votes for groups don't register @[Crayo]
  5. Yeah that was silly of me to include.
  6. Should I just ignore it then?
  7. Where does the form go once submitted?
  8. It says error when i submitted. craylum..blah blah, u get the point
  9. Spent like 20 minutes typing from my phone and I get the MySQL error. :annoyed:
  10. Warning [2] Invalid argument supplied for foreach() - Line: 97 - File: snowards.php PHP 5.3.19 (Linux)
    File Line Function
    /snowards.php 97 errorHandler->error
  11. Error.. you didn't test this at all?
  12. Yeah we did, it's fixed.
  13. You should be able to see the moderator section.
  14. It sends me to a bad page....

    Warning [2] Invalid argument supplied for foreach() - Line: 98 - File: snowards.php PHP 5.3.19 (Linux)
    File Line Function
    /snowards.php 98 errorHandler->error
  15. @[Crayo] Any idea what this error means that they get?
  16. This is rigged isn't it :willis:
  17. They don't get it any more, or shouldn't.
  18. These are as genuine as the RAW active polls!
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  19. Errors should all be temporary, if you get an error just try again.

    I was editing things.
  20. Error again, god damnit. I'll do this when other members confirm it works.
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