WWE Furious With Ric Flair For WWE 2K14 Panel Talk

Discussion in 'WWE 2K17' started by Rain, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. http://www.wrestlinghype.com/2013/08/wwe-furious-with-ric-flair-for-wwe-2k14.html

    Lolz Ric
  2. Way to go Ric I guess.
  3. Y2K!Y2K!Y2K!

    Also he forgot a name or two,so he's getting older...also he sang to women in the audience..what a fucking legend.
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  4. I'm guessing it was when he said those three shitty letters.. TNA lmfao.

    Seriously, he shit on them and I thought it was funny. I'm betting that's what it was. Also the Damien Sandow thing was a work. He was basically saying who is this guy type of thing.

    Okay, he was trashed, but it was great. He'll be on stone colds podcast today. Must hear.