News WWE Hall Of Famer Puts HOF Ring Up For Sale

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 18, 2015.

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  2. Huh. If I had the money I bet it would be cool to have.
  3. Fuck that fat piece of shit.
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  4. Good he doesn't deserve to have that ring.. hope it goes for 25 cents.
  5. I'd buy it then
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  6. Not familliar with him, was he that bad?
  7. Why not go with the flow and sell it for the low-low price of just $9.99? LOL
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  9. Bladed wrestlers without their knowledge and transmitted Hepatitis C.
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  10. K
  11. :eww:
  13. God. That's absurd. I also never saw billy graham that pissed.
  14. Beyond the whole hep c thing, I just don't think he was worth much of anything as a wrestler to begin with. He was a big talentless fatass who had matches consisting of he and his opponent smashing each other over the head with shit. Great "wrestler" he was
  15. Does it come with an infected blade I can transmit diseases with too???
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  16. 20k?? Damn I doubt he'll get that.. Seems like a tad too much.
  17. it comes with the blade, right?
  18. This guy should totally be in prison.