WWE Live SmackDown Rating Is In

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Saylor, Apr 11, 2012.

  2. Terribad. Sheamus isn't a draw.
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  3. Amen to that brotha!
  4. Sheamus ruined it.
  5. ...TNA is catching up.

  6. Bryan to win the title back at ER.

    Daniel Bryan = Ratings
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  7. Even Mark Henry was a dreak. How good was Mark Henry when he was the World Heavyweight Champion? I actually liked him as the Champion. What about Christian? Christian was also great as a champion, even though he didn't have a long run. Out of all people a Cena version of Smackdown who no sells is champion cause he beat Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania in 18 seconds, wow, that's terrible.
  8. Sheamus is the next golden boy and probably rightfully so. He's got a more marketable look than most people, has a naturally likability factor, is over, can wrestle and work a mic. Sheamus is simply going through this transition to be the next big star. Maybe ho won't draw so far but they'll carry on pushing him until he does.
  9. Not sure how marketable he is, some people call it unique, some people call it "clown like". He isn't as over as he was though, in my opinion this new John Cena character he's adopted is destroying him.

    I think his mic work is poor but that's me, unless he's the aggressive type, I mean his mic work during his segment with Mike Tyson was great. That whole segment was awesome. But you're right, I think he can become huge simply because he's unique, but only if given his previous gimmick.

    @[CM PuLs3] both SmackDown and TNA ratings are declining. It's more like SmackDown is trying to catch up with TNA, lol.
  10. Agreed. His current character/booking is terrible, it's almost like WWE are wanting him to get booed.

    I will Youtube the Tyson segment later today as I haven't seen that, but I'm aslo not very impressed with his mic work. I find him to be really boring although his stories can be quite funny.

    I think his look is very good, and he does have potential. But I can see his title reign being long and horrendously dull because of the character and the booking.
  11. Can someone explain the ratings to me? I'm not familliar with it.
  12. Live Smackdowns don't usually draw giant ratings recently (The latest one before this one being a positivt surprise) but yeah. Sheamus is just not a draw. Like many in this thread I don't believe in his mic work. And he is plain dull.
  13. TNA competing with SD ratings is just so funny considering SD is the worst nightmare of every WWE fan.

    Just shows how worthless TNA really is.
  14. Or TNA is only just celebrating it's 10th anniversary so to be coming close to the 2nd show of the major company is a great thing for them.
  15. A company in it's infancy can't compete ratings wise with a billion dollar company that has been around for 60 years and has been at the top of the mountain for at least 30 years. What a worthless piece of shit company TNA is. You are so right.

    Do you realize how completely ignorant you sound? But I guess we are all used to that by now.

  17. ...never ceases to amaze me how so called "wrestling fans" square out any other product than the WWE.

    If you enjoy wrestling, why would you not watch all the mainstream TV products you can?
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  18. We've tried everything, his TNA hate is just too strong. I'm convinced he's never watched it.
  19. Just because I'm a wrestling it doesn't mean that I have to like every company out there and enjoy every product they have, TNA is worthless for what it is, it cannot be liked and even if I got the chance to wrestle there I wouldn't. I'd never want to live with a TNA background.

    I watch ROH (sometimes) and who really said that I don't watch other TV products relating to wrestling without the WWE? But yeah you have a point, I don't watch TNA and nor do I want to.

    Dolph'sZiggler I've added you to my ignore list and never will I hear from you again, thank you for the time you've spent talking trash because seriously if someone's ignorant here it has to be you, staff-hungry faggot.

    Ofcourse I have, remember my "Why I hate the TNA" thread? For me everything I pointed out was completely right.
  20. I think Sheamus has potential we haven't seen yet. Making him like John seems silly but he could lovable in another way. Steve had his beer and Rocky had his catchphrases. I like Sheamus, I'm just not totally certain exactly y i do