News Rumor WWE looking at major changes to the WWE network

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  1. Bit out of order because that is how Meltzer went through it on the radio.

  2. So they want to charge people more to see TNA?


    I know there is more to it than this but I am confused. lol
  3. They basically want to mimic UFCs fight pass/other subscription services of the like. UFC offers up events from other/smaller/defunct feds for members at a certain price.
    My Viaplay account works similarly, one paygrade for shows and movies, one paygrade for shows and sports, one for the entire thing.

    I question limiting one pay level to smartphones and tablets. Like WTF?
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  4. Yeah I don't get that at all. I don't know anyone who watches stuff like this only on tablets and phones. That makes no sense. Do they think people are glued so much to their phones that they'd honestly rather watch a PPV on that vs a TV?
  5. The smart phone/ tablet part is just plain stupid, limiting it to just those devices does not work from a money making and customer based on-line video streaming service. As for the rest well it's so bad £14.99 is a bit heavy monthly price but if you were to get something like TNA or ROH maybe it could work.

    Also WWE if really wants ROH and TNA's library, damn Vinnymac is getting out of the checkbook. :eek:
  6. To me it screams "We do not have enough content to justify a specific pay grade".
    Like the 4 dollar level should just be the current day product, PPVs, RAW, Smackdown, NXT etc. 9 dollars should be the live stuff and the historical archives, 14 dollars all of that and then the independents/international promotions WWE get ahold of.

    That's how I would structure it.
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  7. Your way makes a whole heck of a lot more sense. I mean there are a lot of people out there who are only interested in the current shows and PPVs anyways. I know there are people who enjoy the extra shows and the old footage but not everyone will make use of that, specially not the younger fans.
  8. Wonder if this means they can strike a deal with the WWN crew. That $14.95 plan having for Evolve and Shine sounds like fun!

    Rest of this makes my head hurt. :haha:
  9. WWN is already on board so I don't see why not
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  10. This seems too complicated for its own good.
  11. This all seems a bit complicated. Why not just stick to one price?

    But, I guess acquiring rights to stream some indies, while making NXT a weekly LIVE program and CWC getting to be a weekly program could make some people pay $14.99.
  12. It's really not complicated. It's in essence the same as any other streaming service which has different price packages based on content levels. Or to use TV terms: cable packages.
    You pay a certain price for a certain package you want containing a certain type of content. It's a pretty easy way to grasp multiple levels of consumers.

    CWC becoming a weekly thing would be absolute garbage since it ruins the essence of the program.
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  13. Give me Smackdown and Raw and I'll pay 14.99.

    and yeah, the mobile tier is utter crap, they should have made it a console only/pc only tier if they wanted to limit screens.

    and CWC weekly? That's like holding the Fifa World cup every month!

    God why can't they not ruin things!
  14. Probably not interested unless they have RoH, TNA and RAW/Smackdown as up to date.

    Even then there is a limit on how much I can watch in a week. I'm mostly watching PPVs and older RAW episodes along with stuff in the originals folder.

    Wonder if VInce has figured out not having WCW around is bad for business so having smaller companies come onboard that won't put you out of business is a good idea.
  15. Except one company dictating the landscape for the other companies is still bad for business.

    The more companies that stay outside of the bubble, providing guys that don't want to/aren't able to work within the WWE bubble, the better.
  16. This would make me much more likely to dish out more cash each month.
  17. That's probably not gonna happen just cause of the USA Network.
  18. OIC.

    Damn straight about the CWC. It should definitely remain an annual event.