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  1. So like Friday was the final day for negotiations, as anyone heard anything in regards to it?
    I've been trying to look up stuff over the past hour or so and can't seem to find anything other than articles discussing about how this is their last week to negotiate it.

    Also I thought there was a thread for this but I tried looking and could not find it anywhere, if there is just merge I suppose.
  2. oh wait you meant another thread

  3. Anyway, no big deal if NBC Universe drops the ball. Plenty of channels will want easy ratings producers in Raw and SD, right?
  4. Yeah there it is lol I tried looking up NBC in the keywords for title while searching forums not sure why it didn't pop up :emoji_slight_frown: anyway..

    Very True.
    Where would you see them landing if NBC happened to let the rights go?
  5. Fox maybe? Unless Dana and the UFC view the WWE as direct competition for some reason, which they really aren't. I could see Raw fitting in with what they show on FX
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