WWE Not Bringing Back Previous Stars On Anniversary?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. http:emoji_confused:/wwesource.com/other/wwe-not-bringing-stars-back-for-raws-20th-anniversary-hall-of-famer-turns-72-raw-note/
  2. :why: Was looking forward to the multiple returns. :upset:

    Backlund... :okay:
  3. DAMMIT. Was actually going to watch this episode..
  4. That's a load of bull. Austin missed Raw 1000 because of an injury, so I'll be damned if he sits out for the 20th anniversary. It's unfathomable at this point for him to miss two benchmark episodes of Raw.
  5. It does say it's possible they'll still bring back one or two, just not a plethora of former Superstars and Divas. So I could see Austin possibly still making an appearance.
  6. Knowing Austin's character he would crash it anyway. Zamboni and all.
  7. Not to mention, Rock will be at that show, too, of course.
  8. WWESource.com, that famous news site.

    I still expect SCSA, HBK, possibly evolution, Taker to be there.
  9. I just wanna see there hbk , evolution, Austin and taker .
  10. Stone Cold returning would overshadow the Rock/Punk fued with him inevitably having some interaction with Punk if he returns, so no I would leave him until later.
  11. They didn't write this piece of news, but WS is the only site to write about Maddox angle being axed, and from last weeks RAW it seemed like it was right.
  12. Too bad, I was so pumped for the show..
    It should still be great though..
  13. Stone Cold coming back to ref Lawler vs Cole didn't exactly steal the show on Raw, let alone Wrestlemania. Stone Cold would just be one good thing on Raw. Rock vs Punk will draw on its own, it'll have follow up from last week so I highly doubt a Stone Cold Steve Austin appearance would overshadow it. It's not like he's going to challenge someone to a match or something. I imagine Stone Cold just doing a small cameo appearance.
  14. Scene: Vince talking to a writer/sound guy/tech guy backstage and sends him off to fix something. Vince opens door, gets clobbered in the head with a bed pan, Stone Cold comes out and laughs at Vince before strutting of.
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  15. inb4 Stone Cold douses the PG audience in beer
  16. I was expecting a whole lot from the show. I wanted a diva's such as Trish and Lita to be there, I guess they're not going to be on the 20th anniversary. Evolution being on the show would be great however it does depend as they where a heel stable.
  17. IMO the reason that Austin should return is to Stunner Punk for all the things he's been saying, there's no point in some lame ass return only to see him do some more pointless shit like he's been doing for the last few years. Taker and various other legends returning will do me, save Austin for another Raw.
  18. They could just lightly graze the idea for Punk/Austin. They have him come out and have a thing with Punk, but then the Rock comes out and brings his attention down to him. That way when Punk loses he'll have something big to do for mania. That is unless they're planning Punk/Austin for another year.
  19. A Rock/Austin short confrontation would make me mark my ass off.
  20. lol who wouldn't?!
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