WWE NXT hits the road next week!

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    WWE NXT hits the road next week!
    For the first time ever, NXT hits the road and takes over the Arnold Sports Festival! Check out all the action from Columbus, Ohio next Wednesday at 8/7 C, only on WWE Network. See FULL episodes...
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  2. Should be a good episode, they had a pretty good showing at the Arnold, they got a good amount of support/viewership.. I'm curious to see how they air it next week! There were a decent bit of matches as well as some interviews.
  3. Next week's episode:

    * Finn Balor defeated Tye Dillinger with a stomp. Tyler Breeze appears on the big screen and cuts a promo on Balor after the match.

    * Bayley vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte in a #1 contender's match is next. Becky wins after pinning Bayley while Charlotte had Bayley in a Figure Four.

    * Hideo Itami vs. CJ Parker is next. Itami gets the pin after a kick.

    * Rhino squashed an unknown wrestler with a Gore. Fans chanted "you still got it, never lost it!" at him.

    * Kevin Owens vs. Alex Riley is next. Riley got some offense in but Owens won with a powerbomb. Owens beats up Riley after the match until Sami Zayn makes the save. They brawl and Sami hits a big top rope dive. Sami stands tall to end the episode.

    So yeah, it should be interesting to see how they air it.