WWE NXT results: Legendary lineages collide

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  1. WWE NXT results: Legendary lineages collide

  2. good morning sweetie
  3. botty should retreat her booty from @[Vince McMahon]'s... you know what

  4. Now listen @[wwerulesrkolover23] I know we live in a monogamous society where it's only socially acceptable to be with one person, but i think we could move past that barrier and me, you and botty could enjoy a wondrous polygamous relationship together.
  5. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P

    Just tell me it's all for the sex so that I'll feel better @[Vince McMahon].
  6. You do know botty is pregnant with my twins right?
  7. SHE CHOSE A PREGNANT WOMAAAAANNNN? :emoji_confused://

    don't worry. My BB will take care of this.
  8. Wow.

    Just wow.
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