News WWE officially signs Japanese star Kenta

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  1. Dude officially signed his contract in the ring at the Osaka show. Best of luck to Kenta. Seems like he's getting to keep his name as well, only not in all caps.

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  2. What's the closest thing to a Japanese star making it in an American promotion? Muta in WCW?
  3. Antonio Inoki won the WWWF Championship from Bob Backlund when he was there, but refused to hold it after his rematch with Backlund was declared a no contest. Therefore, the record books from WWE say that he didn't hold it.
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  4. Hakushi feuded with Hart and the Undertaker back in the new generation era as well. Challenging for the WWE title at least once.

    Tajiri was also very over in WWE and ECW. Surely in a lower/midcard role, but he was over and racked up belts.
  5. Taka did pretty well in the light heavyweight division for a while.
  6. Does he speak English?
  7. choppy choppy the pee pee
  8. It is tradition in Japan to train using English. All moves, all maneuvers and the technical stuff is in English. So he will know enough to get around in ring. And I am sure he'll spend time in NXT sharpening up his English
  9. Cool.
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  10. Great news! Still sucks he's gotta go through the NXT phase, he's a veteran. The only reason he should be in NXT is to improve his English. lol
  11. I can think of more matches in NXT that I'd be interested seeing him in than on the main roster currently to be honest.

    NXT's roster in the coming months is going to be dope with Zayn, Neville, Kidd, KENTA, Devitt and Steen on it.
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  12. They aren't risking another Mistico. Everyone goes through NXT now.
  13. How old is this cat? I'd rather avoid wiki, right now.
    You answer, I'll give an informative point. Simple
  14. 33

    I'll be watching NXT religiously once his black ass is there
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  15. I hope this doesn't become another Sin Cara, lol. His Mexico matches were good but his WWE were demolition zones.
  16. Nope, Kenya has already crossed over through Bryan and Punk.
    I do agree he should learn English.
    Since Sin Cara was a cruiser his move set required greater signal calling and communication.
  17. He's Japanese. That is a big advantage when it comes to adapting. Since the training style is much more similar to the states. Also all the technical, maneuvers and such is taught in English in Japan. So he can already direct a match with an American unlike Sin Cara 1 who doesn't speak a lick of English.
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  18. Thank you, but I understand that. Still sucks he has to be there for like 2 years, though.
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