News WWE opens the performance center

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    Here are some pics from the center:

    Outside of the center.

    Developmental stars at attention: Notable mentions Kassius Ohno, Adrian Neville and Sami Callihan.

    Talent working out with Billy Gunn and Joey Mercury.


    The weight/work out room.

    Ring room.

    They also have on site medical staff. A green screen room where they can work on vignettes and promos, rooms for working on character development and promo work, recording of promos and getting live feedback so they can see what they have to work on apparently. Plus all the classes and such.

    Seems like a really impressive set up.
  2. Looks great, Seems worth the investment. This basically guarantees Sami has signed which is cool too.
  3. Didn't even see this thread. I'm retarded.
  4. Sami signing was confirmed weeks ago. He was told to report for the opening which allowed him to do some bookings leading up to that.
  5. Well that center is just boss!
  6. Was it? Shit must have missed it.
  7. The moment PWG runs a farewell show for one of their guys its confirmed. Plus it was all over the dirtsheets.
  8. Sounds awesome. Can really help the guys at NXT and the guys in the WWE roster who are WWE Superstars stuck. Opening up a lot more jobs for Florida is also something that's great for them. Seeing Sami there too just adds to the awesomeness :yes:
  9. Havent been paying attention to dirtsheets and just started watching PWG last week.
  10. Some highlights of what the center provides:

  11. The building and features look great, it's going to help them a lot.