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    Winner: $750 forum cash
    Runner Up: $500 forum cash
    3rd Place: $250 forum cash​
  2. Did something different for the last question here. "(+2 for correct answer, -2 for incorrect answer, +1 for neither)"
    Shall I continue doing this if something is 50/50 on happening?
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  3. Going to stick these here...

    Roman > AJ - Pin/Sub
    Chris > Ambrose - Pin/Sub
    Cesaro > Miz - DQ
    KO > Sami - Pin/Sub
    Nat > Char - Pin/Sub
    Kalisto > Ryback - DQ
    Vauds > EnzoCass - Pin/Sub
    Baron > Dolphs - Pin/Sub

    ...Just so I can see what a bad job I did tomorrow night. :bayley:
  4. My Predictions:

    Reigns beats Styles via Pinfall/Submission
    Dean Ambrose beats Jericho via pinfall/submission
    The Miz beats Cesaro via pinfall/submission
    Sami Zayn beats Owens by DQ/Countout
    Charlotte beats Natalya by Pinfall/Submission
    Kalisto beats Ryback by pinfall/submission
    Enzo & Cass beats The Vaudevillains by Pinfall/Submission
    Baron Corbin beats Dolph "Zigger" via pinfall/submission
    How many titles will change hands? 0
    Will there be any surprise returns/debuts? Yes
    Will Bullet Club help Styles or Reigns? Neither
  5. Sure, fine by me.
  6. Done!

    Come at me #1 prize. :rollins3:
  7. Shut up
  8. Last chance to play.
  9. Suck a tit
  10. You offering?
  11. I totally flopped this. lol
  12. When will the winners be announced?
  13. There are no winners. :vince3:

    I'm pretty sure everyone guessed it right that Roman would win, though.
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  14. Results!

    The winner with 8 points...

    Show Spoiler

    Runner up with 7.5 points...

    Show Spoiler

    3rd place with 6.5 points...

    Show Spoiler

    Also.. announcing a new award.

    [​IMG] Predictions King - Awarded to those who have won 5 predictions contests.
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  15. 5 predictions contests at place #1?
  16. Yes.
  17. Took me 4 years to win 1... fuck 4 more
  18. So... Will the two I won in late 2014 count?
  19. I'm undecided if previous wins will count. If it's not too much hassle to go back and check then I will count them.
  20. I haven't watched rasslin in weeks and still got 3rd place :yay: :Obama:
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