News WWE Presence On ESPN Under Increasing Scrutiny

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 9, 2015.

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  2. This guy sounds like a moron.
    Let’s hope media outlets remember what “E” in WWE means

    The same thing the "E" in ESPN stands for, dipshit. ESPN is not reputable journalism lol. Them dipping their toes in with WWE made more sense than not. WWE has shown shit like American Gladiator before, hell they even had wrestling on their channel back in the day, I believe it was the AWA.
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  3. The fuck is this stooge's problem?
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  4. He's clearly one of those folks who looks down on wrestling and simply doesn't want it being covered on a legitimate sporting channel, but he does have a point. It isn't a real sport despite the athleticism involved, so why is it being covered on a channel dedicated to covering real sports?
  5. Why not? If it entails athleticism I see no reason why they can't cover it.

    Hell, WWE and TNA are carried on Eurosport up here in Scandinavia, the biggest sports networks in European TV.
    Major sports networks cover Lucha Libre in Mexico, and in Japan it's the same. Hell, Okada is a two time Tokyo Sports MVP.
  6. I'm not saying they can't, just saying that I understand this guy's perspective in regards to it since pro wrestling is still entertainment (a fixed/scripted/choreographed show) rather than a legitimate sporting competition between athletes. You also have to consider how different wrestling is viewed in the States compared to other countries. It's treated with a lot more respect and esteem in places like Japan and Mexico, whereas in America there exists an overabundance of people who turn their noses up at it and view it as a joke, and even several fans of the product admit that it's a 'guilty pleasure.'
  7. Someone is taking something more seriously than they should here.
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  8. ESPN covers a whole lot of shit that has very little to do with "real sports". I've seen World's Strongest Man on there (I guess that is close to a sport). I've seen Globetrotters games on there (essentially the WWE of basketball). I've seen American Gladiators on ESPN. ESPN is entertainment first, sports second, always has been.

    And ESPN showed the AWA for like 5 years in the 80s. I realize things have changed since then, but they have a history with pro wrestling.
  9. Sport definition:

    "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment."
    "team sports such as baseball and soccer"
    synonyms: (competitive) game(s), physical recreation, physical activity, physical exercise, athletics;
    "we did a lot of sports"

    By definition, WWE is a sport. Just because it's scripted, doesn't mean it's not competitive. These athletes use more physical exertion on a daily basis than other sport on the world and it's all for entertainment.

    Fuck this guy and people who say it's not a sport. You may not like it because it's "fake," but a sport is what it is.

    I mean some people consider hunting a sport...but think the WWE isn'
  10. define "real" sports, please. or is this just your version of what that is?
  11. A Sport is typically defined and thought of as a legitimate competition between athletes, regardless of what the specific definition in the dictionary states. But then again, I also realize that the meanings of most words in the dictionary are flexible so I admit it's almost a moot point to argue. However, WWE are the ones who usually don't consider themselves a complete sport. Watch 3:06 on the video below to see a small snippet of what I mean:

    ...Although to be fair, they on the other hand have no problem suddenly emphasizing the "sports" aspect of sports-entertainment whenever it's convenient for them. They'll dismiss UFC's superior PPV buyrates by saying "We're entertainment and not a sport, and thus we aren't in competition with UFC", but whenever one of their DVD's is a better seller than any sports DVD that's currently out, they suddenly start harping on about how they currently have the best-selling sports DVD on the market at the moment.
  12. Well, true, but regardless of flexibility, it seems reasonable and pretty universal that a sport implies competition, which that's what WWE is all about. Wins, losses, etc., don't always really matter in the terms of competition in WWE, what matters is that superstars are competing to outperform each other. Whether it be in ring (physically), or on the mic, etc. It's competition at its finest. It simply doesn't fit the mold of what several people "feel" is a sport.

    I've seen that video. And, of course, Vince is always going to say things like "it's not a sport, it's entertainment." He'll stick with that bs train, especially in this PG era. That way, if any sort of legal battle ever presents itself, he can always fall back and say "well, we said it's strictly entertainment; hell, it's in the name of our company."

    I feel that all "sports" related companies, UFC and WWE included, will always play their cards depending on the hand that's dealt. However, that doesn't mean they're not sports simply because they want you to believe that.
  13. Well, he IS right in a sense. WWE is character driven, storyline driven, and the direction and fate of everyone involved is guided by the powers that be behind the camera, just like with any other fictional television show. No one is actually going out there and winning or losing a match for real. Undertaker didn't actually have an undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. John Cena isn't actually overcoming the odds. Hulk Hogan didn't actually beat Andre The Giant. Etc., etc. That's what completely distinguishes it from things like boxing, mixed-martial arts, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, amateur wrestling, tennis, racing, and the other hundreds/thousands of sports in the world. Competing for spots or pushes backstage doesn't count, as actors and actresses compete for roles in movies and television too, yet I can't recall the last time someone categorized acting as a sport.

    To be fair, WWE do call it Sports-Entertainment for a reason, but it will always be far closer to pure entertainment like any other show because of the predetermined nature of the business and the fact that there's no legitimate competition going on in the ring. Matches are fixed, guys win or lose depending on how it works within the context of the storyline, guys get pushed to the top because of business reasons (i.e. who will draw the most money) and not because of how gifted they are athletically, etc.

    Anyway, this topic is kinda going off the rails at this point.
  14. Golf, pool, bowling, darts, fishing. on Canadian sports channels I have seen dog shows. DOG SHOWS!
  15. And poker. Guys sitting around a table playing cards on the sports network.
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  16. It's not Journalism? I guess it ain't Journalism when someone writes about a TV show, play or movie. I have no problem with ESPN or Sports Illustrated covering WWE, and I don't see why anyone else would either. WWE seems to be going more towards a more Sporty type outlook with their deal with Tapout, and more.
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  17. There's no doubt, whatsoever. That these stars are acting. I will not argue that, nor have I argued that. But, they are also physically competing with each other. For example, even though dolph Ziggler may know he's going to lose a match, he still attempts to perform better than his opponent. Whether it be with selling their moves, dishing out moves, and simply out classing them.

    In other words, every superstar is out there not only to follow a script and story, but also to compete with each other in a physical sense: there's extreme amounts of competitiveness.

    Oh, and I 100% agree that people will get pushed not always based on altheticicsm but money; as we all know WWE is still a business. However, that doesn't deter from the fact that it's still extremely physically competitive and these people are hardcore athletes.

    Agreed, it is off the rails. But I like the points you made.
  18. Was this guy able to get a "breaking news" graphic with his "wrestling is fake" story?

    Seriously, every time I hear something like this, it reminds me of Perro Aguayo, and all the less-tragic injuries that have come off routine moves.