WWE RAW Rating and Viewership News for the Post-Survivor Series Episode

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Nov 20, 2012.

  2. Sounds stupid but it makes sense as I know the UK are only a small portion of viewership but many UK fans will have not watched RAW or switched off early this week due to staying up two late nights. Plus I imagine it's the same in a few European countries with the time difference etc....
  3. What a shitty ratings.
  4. Holidays.
  5. Doesn't matter though (it's these kinda ratings since what, the last 6-7 months), it was still Monday, 3 days before the actual holiday (hence why Impact ratings will be a friggin disaster), so IMHO it didn't affect Raw so much, if any.
  6. ^True, but the holidays explain the slight drop from last week, and will definitely be Vince's latest excuse that everything will be okay.
    Definitely expect the ratings to go back up to their usual shitty rating next week, instead of this really shitty one. Or maybe get back to the "catastrophic" territory since the fans are so pissed now.
  7. I guess there were some holidays (which ironically is exactly what makes me watch Raw live, but since I use streams let's not count that) so that's an OK rating for them.
  8. It hasn't decreased (viewership hasn't anyway). If it were 2 hours it'd be around 3.1 or something, which is the same they've always had. So it's not shit or good, it's just RAW.

    The break-downs are more interesting to discuss.