WWE Real or Fake Disscusion

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  1. Well i think some of its real like jumps you cant fake but some are fake like punches and kicks ad stuff like that what do you think
  2. It's scripted entertainment. The bumps and wrestling manoeuvres (like suplexes) aren't fake. Moves like punches, kicks, are tactically adjusted to make it look like it hurts, but it doesn't. So I guess that is "fake".

    But as I said - it's scripted entertainment, all matches & results are scripted, the wrestling inside the ring isn't. It's professional wrestling with the intent to entertain. I'd love to see someone fall 20ft off a ladder into one measly wooden table and say it's fake.
  3. Agreed There is no way those ladder falls are Fake
  4. People are so silly when calling wrestling fake, I've heard people go as far as saying they have strings attached to them so they can jump off the top rope. It's ridiculous.

    It's supposed to be fake, when have they ever even endorsed it as a sport rather than a TV Show? It's World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT for christ sake.
  5. They take bumps and also get hurt from that and not only this but the moves that are executed on them for example a body slam. It truly hurts, wrestling isn't fake you can't say FAKE it is so stupid and ignorant to ever say something like that.

    To be honest I hate every people who states that wrestling is fake, it is not, wrestling is scripted, it is entertainment, you cannot call it fake because if you go to a cinema do you run up to the screen and scream "FUCK THIS MOVIE EVERYONE LETS GET OUT OF HERE THIS IS FAKE"

    Seriously everyone who thinks that way should grow up. It's more childish to say that it is fake than being a real wrestling mark that takes everything for granted, and yes in my eyes it is.

    Not to lie but the punches, kicks, stomps however are not real hits. I've always proven people wrong, for example when my friends tell me it is fake I drag them from the ear to a nearby computer and show them all these devastating falls like Shane McMahon's jump from that Titantron against Kane or however it was. No one can deny that Shane didn't get hurt, he must have been hurt for like weeks after that.

    How can something like this be called fake? Fake is stuff you say to robots or stupid Beats by Dre that cost a mere' $2. They are not even comparable to movies, movie stars use effects for their bombings and killings and some of them doesn't even take stunts at all.

    But wrestlers they take stunts, travel all year around, get hurt just to entertain people like you and you call them fake.

    I hope no one in this forum thinks Pro Wrestling is fake or we may have a very long debate.
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  6. Pro Wrestling is real; people are fake. - Mr. Anderson
  7. Some stuff is real, some are less real.
    I would not call it fake right away. As said earlier, punches and kicks are over done with foot stomps on the mat.
    Same as: dropkicks, super kicks, high kicks. You always hear a clap when the foot connects with the opponent.
    Thats a clap on the leg to make the move more impactful. But a top tope leg drop or a suplex can not be dramatized.
    With a leg drop you will hurt your lower back because you will take the full bump on your butt, and with the suplex you will take the bump with your full back. The main part about it is that matches are booked and scripted. That is why you always see moves get done well. Wrestlers dicuss the match backstage before they do it. Aswell 'calling spots' in the ring. So the entertainment will flow and will be good enough to watch. If that would not be the case, you would see a match between two man who are pushing each other away the whole time.
    So real, fake, whatever you may call it. It's entertainment with a script. Just like movies you watch at the cinema.
    But with more danger, because there are risks that will always be there.