News WWE Releases Zahra Schreiber

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 31, 2015.

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    Well, that didn't take long. Not surprised, though.
  2. She did Nazi that coming.
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  3. Seems weird that those posts were literally only sent to whoever broke the stories this weekend, it's not like nobody knew what she'd been saying.
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  4. Well good, Crowe didn't need that bullshit anyway, It's a shame on the timing, and seemed overdue.
  5. lesson to be learnt from this: If you are going to be a wrestler or in the public eye in any way, take care of your media presence.

    If you are a male wrestler: Look at Adam Cole, if you're a female, Summer Rae is a fine example. Both are real good at the social media stuff when it comes to mixing personal and professional.
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  6. Honestly, couldn't give a shit. Why exactly was she hired, and she seems to be nothing but trouble. Can't say good riddance since I haven't seen her wrestle a single match, but good riddance.
  7. Feel bad for Crowe.
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