WWE repeating things from the past storylines.

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  1. Seriously, it's just not right to copy what they booked in previous storylines and book it again in the current storylines.

    It happened in the last man standing match at the RR, when Big Show was duct tapped to the bottom rope, the same trick was used by Cena in order to beat Batista at Extreme Rules 2010

    Another occasion is during the build up to SummerSlam when the no 1 contender match between Cena and Show ended in a DQ.

    Punk said that nobody wins as they are both losers.
    Then AJ came out and said that they are not losers but they are both winners, and decided to make the triple threat match at SS.

    This was 100% copied from the build up to Night of champions 2009 when the no contender match between HHH and Cena ended in DQ and Orton who was the champion said that they were both losers, and the GM (Who I can't remeber who he was lol) said that they were both winners and decided the Triple threat at NOC2009.

    They need to book something new, something different from before, do they think we are stupid? lol
  2. Um, okay, honestly, EVERY story that the wwe runs had been done before, multiple times, both better and worse. Its the way the business is. Sort of like Teddy coming out and saying "tag team match, Playa." Its predictable, overused and worn out. But hey, the sports been alive for a long time, you'll get that.

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  3. You can't compare Teddy coming out to announce a tag team match to that.

    They could at least change the lines, AJ said the exact same damn thing.
  4. I don't have a problem with it since there's only so many ways a match can end, or only so many ways that a feud can start between two people. That's why I don't really mind even when feuds start over stupid shit like the way Jericho and Kane's feud in 2000 started because Jericho accidentally spilt hot coffee on Kane's chest. People mocked that, but considering how many feuds have to happen to fill a PPV card every month of every year, there's only so many different ideas you can do. So long as a big, important feud doesn't start over small stupid shit, and so long as they don't repeat a big idea so close together (the duct tape finish is almost three years apart to be fair), then I'm fine with it.
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    Why not? The equation is simple, four guys arguing in the ring = "tag team match, Playa" also, number one contender match ends in draw or no contest = Triple threat match with two "winners". Its the same chain of thoughts. Just like the special referee= rival, the "surprise opponent"= some big monster (or randy Orton). You could make a chart, this happens and leads to this, with every scenario. The words are the same cause the story is the same.

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  6. I think in order to draw consistency in a storyline across areas, you need to have some repetition to demonstrate that you can make those connections across characters and storylines. Even beyond that I think it would be difficult to complete brand new things every week. It's not like a sitcom where you have months off inbetween seasons to make brand new content. For me the storylines and dialogue flow naturally and keep me interested (for the most part lol).
  7. Nothing new there. Every storyline is a repeat, there are only so many things you can do, not only those two are repeats, all of them are, pretty much. Virtually everything in wrestling is taken from somewhere else. You can always find a Russo-esque writer to come up with some stupid crap, but then people complain that it doesn't make sense.
  8. Really nothing new nor anything to work yourself up about. Like Lockard said: unless they do it close together then there is no problem. Wrestling has been around since the early 19 hundreds. Things will repeat.
  9. Ever since wrestling first stated gimmicks,storylines etc have been rehashed.
  10. It all gets recycled.
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  11. Cena/Batista ductape

    Alberto Del Rio/Big Show ductape

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  13. Yeah I was a bit dissapointed by the whole duck tape thing again. It was a lame way for Del Rio to win that last man standing match. It was innovative when Cena did it although it came off as pretty cheap, but when it was done the second time with Del Rio, it was just meh. I mean they could have had Del Rio run over Big Show with his car and not like they did with Santa, more like what they did with Austin.