News WWE Reportedly Interested In Jay Lethal, Gunner & Adam Cole

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 23, 2015.

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    Lethal and Cole? Yes, please!

    I'm not so thrilled about Gunner, but I guess he has the build that they want and could be a pretty solid midcarder.

    I don't think Cole is available ATM, because IIRC, he re-signed back in December of last year.

    Lethal could be there soon if he doesn't re-sign. This whole thing with Lethal having both the TV and World title is interesting, considering he's contract is apparently close to expiring with no future deal on the table at this time.
  2. Fuck the vanilla midgets, but Gunner is cool.
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  3. Hopefully WWE stays the hell away from Lethal for a while. Cole is just a matter of time, but I don't think he's going now. I like Gunner, he seems like a very good fit and I wouldn't mind him in WWE at all.
  4. I honestly don't care about any of these guys. They can make something out of Gunner, but it's not something I'm dying to see.
  5. Would rather have Lethal stay far away from WWE as possible, mainly because they would misuse the fuck out of him. Gunner would be cool though.
  6. At a certain point, this argument stops holding water. I would have completely agreed back in 2004, but seeing the fates of Prince Devitt, KENTA, El Generico, Kevin Steen, Bryan Danielson, etc. (i.e., all guys who "WWE would misuse"), in WWE makes me think this might not be the most realistic of statements any longer.

    As for me, if Lethal's willing to go to NXT and put forth the effort we've all seen him give, I can't imagine him not wanting a shot at the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

  7. The main reason I say WWE would misuse Lethal is because of his race. Let's be honest, WWE doesn't have the best track record when it comes to using talent of a darker skin tone. It's 2015 yet Vince is still ignorant to the fact that it's acceptable to have a black wrestler as your premier athlete. But who knows, I'm open minded to the situation. I want to see how they handle Uhaa before assuming the usual.
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  8. I know you didn't quote me, but I for one would want to see Lethal in WWE anytime soon not really because they'll misuse him (as they may not), but he has just become ROH World Champ and all. I want to enjoy it for some time.
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    All stupid racist gimmicks aside, what black wrestlers do you think had ME potential?

    I'll start by saying Big E should be given a better chance at least

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  10. Ernie Ladd.
    Booker T.
    The Rock.
    Ron Simmons (if he'd gone to WWE 2 or 3 years earlier).

    They should have pulled the trigger on Kofi Kingston a long time ago. He had the potential, but I'm honestly not sure if he does anymore. I'd say the same about Ron Killings (whatever name they give him).

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  11. Besides Big E and Henry, M.V.P could've done well in a ME position. The same goes for Titus, but at least he has a title right now. R-Truth's title program with Cena would've been a good time to give him the WWE title, a least for a couple of months. I'd say Benjamin could've been a good ME talent, but not for his time. An occasional ME program every now and then for him would've been good though.
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  13. 2011 heel Truth was awesome also, especially in the beginning when he came out to no music. That was great.
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  14. I feel bad about being a Texan (not to mention a proud Texas Longhorn) and omitting Mark Henry.

    His WHC run was amazing and his WWE Title run (which they should have pulled the trigger on after the heat he got from his non-retirement) would have been even better.

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  15. He should've had that WWE title run, it would've been awesome. But nah, GOTTA MAKE CENA LOOK STRONG. #NeverGiveUp
  16. To be fair, one of the main reasons he didn't win the title at the '13 Money In The Bank if nothing else was because they already had the Cena/Bryan match that everyone was hyped about planned for Summerslam, as well as the subsequent Orton/HHH heel turns that were to occur afterwards.

    Henry did deserve a run with the WWE Title at some point (and he also deserved to have a longer, more distinguished run with the WHC back in 2011 as well, even though I think he was forced to drop that one early because of a real-life injury), but by that point, I was ready to see Daniel Bryan win the championship. Just bad timing for Henry.
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  17. Great answer, I keep thinking that every black guy WWE tried to push was just a big bum who couldn't work (Lashley, Ezekiel Jackson, even though other promotions got these guys pretty over) but great calls. It's kinda weird having the one title when comparing these though, like I remembered begging them to move R-Truth over to Smackdown to save us from more Orton/Christian, before Mark Henry delivered for us. But just like Lock said with Cena/Bryan, R-Truth winning the WWE title would have kinda hurt the Summer of Punk.

    you aren't a kidding with Kofi. They could have went one PPV without Cena vs Orton in their best of 592,589,318,510 series to give Kofi an honest shot at the top, man. Nobody cares about his heat with Orton. Same with Shelton, he could have made one heck of an underdog story around that time.
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  18. By the way, the first time I saw Titus O'Neil on NXT, I said he would be a world champion in WWE one day and I still think he will be.