WWE should never go back to Long Island

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Just because of those fucking Ryder chants. during every match and segment. shut the fuck up assholes
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  2. I expect every LI fan to look like Ryder, papa Ryder or the Big O
  3. What kind of a stinkin name is Long Island anyway? Just terrible.
  4. It gave Aids a stiffy I'm sure.
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  5. WWE should just film Raw in my hometown of Manchester, England every week as you all saw me and my hometown made noise and we owned that show
  6. fuck off
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  7. Man chest? What are you, faggot?
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  8. Everyone from Man chest's a faggot, didn't ya know? :jericho:
  9. I didn't hear that many Ryder chants,I mostly heard Daniel Bryan chants,we want tables chants,Randy Savage chants,and, the infamous "Kosher Butcher" chants.
    Even if they did chant Ryder it doesn't mean anything,it's not like WWE would actually listen to them.
  10. It was just annoying, obviously WWE doesn't give a fuck. Vince is probably back there getting off on the fact that he is sticking it to the paying fans. I heard them during at least 3 matches and a couple of speaking segments.

    WWE should have sent him out there during a commercial to job to HHH in 3 seconds.
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  11. Although after that show they put on maybe they won't get invited back...
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  14. Yeah, they should come to the izod again, it's like 45 mins from there and we're a better crowd
  15. WWE should just film Raw in my home country of Canada every week as you all saw me and my country made noise and we owned that show.

    Clips from Canadian shows

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  16. I would mark too
  17. lol i'm from long island :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. WWE should just film in my home town every week because that's where i'm from
  19. :no:
  20. WWE should go back to CT because thats their base, Madison Square Garden (Speaks for itself) and some bigger places where they know the crowd will be rocking and the vibe will be there.