WWE Signs 20-Year-Old Women’s Wrestler, Steve McMichael Running For Mayor

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 18, 2012.

  2. Kurt's started a wrestlers political movement. Hogan for president brother.
  3. :hogan: "I promise to bring the taxes down with these guns dude! *flexes* I'll leg drop our way out of of debt brother!"
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  4. i don't show any interest in newly signed women as i know their talents will just be misused
  5. WWE sign more divas with the rumour that Triple H is cutting down on divas. :notsure:
  6. They're still hiring divas, they're just hiring a lot more males I believe.
  7. Ah, okay.
  8. They should just get rid of the diva's division!.. if the women have issues with it they can get a sex change.
  9. WWE is gonna become a sausage party with Hunter...
  10. Haha!, this made me chuckle. :dawg:


    I don't know what to think of her.

  11. This girl has the model looks which is what I thought WWE wasent hiring anymore
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